Learning to Love Bali, the Right Way

Soapbox | Feb 01, 2018

The English Heritage Society created a really meaningful “virtuous circle” which really appealed to me. A virtuous circle as opposed to the opposite, a downward cycle of destruction, is a process of self-improvement and positive reinforcement. This circle was something they had figured out worked for the appreciation and preservation of historical and cultural sites, […]

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The Hidden Truth About Bali’s Tourism

Soapbox | Jan 02, 2018

In many ways the disruption caused to Bali’s tourism industry by the continued volcanic activity has put a number of things into perspective. While I am really sad for the employees who have been laid off, the small businesses that have suffered, and the thousands evacuated from the danger zone, I have to say, seeing the […]

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The Forces of Nature are in Control in Bali

Soapbox | Dec 01, 2017

It is so wonderful to be in Bali in the sunshine when there is a balmy breeze blowing and the waves are breaking gently on the shore (but strong enough to surf on of course!). But hold on, not every day is like that and – guess what – nature is still completely out of […]

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The Importance of Public Transport in Bali

Soapbox | Nov 01, 2017

Welcome to Bali, formerly the island of the gods, now the island of motorcycles! For those of you who come from countries where motorcycles are a rarity, Bali’s population of Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki/Vespa/Lambretta/Motoguzzi/BMW/Harley’s may come as a shock, and indeed as your holiday rolls out you may even get a bit frustrated at them blocking, turning, polluting, […]

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Give Yourself a Sporting Chance

Soapbox | Oct 03, 2017

It’s a funny thing that we human beings need to have sporting pastimes to both keep fit and to release our stress from everyday life. We were originally designed as “hunter-gatherers”, and had to work very hard to survive chasing down wild animals in prehistoric times; then later in the middle ages, cultivating the soil. […]

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Music, The Food of Love

Soapbox | Sep 04, 2017

Famous British playwright Shakespeare started it all with his memorable lines from Twelfth Night, “If music be the food of love, play on”. And it is! Music is the food of love, the author of emotion, the stirrer of memories, the instigator of passion, the cause of sorrow, the source of joy and the balm […]

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On The Beach in Bali

Soapbox | Aug 03, 2017

I tell you, as a young boy (not being sexist, I only have this experience!) there is nothing like the thrill of going to the beach. From the moment you arrive and kick off your shoes, to the minute you leave, being dragged by Dad, kicking and fighting, it is heaven on earth. Boys find […]

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When Shopping in Bali, Buy Bali’s Best

Soapbox | Jul 04, 2017

I am often amazed at the illogical ways of the human race, but none more than their shopping habits. Why buy French fashion in New York, Italian shoes in Tokyo, German bags in Singapore, American perfume in UK and Scotch Whisky in South Africa? Well I can understand the last one, being Scottish and happy […]

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Balinese Art and Where to Find It

Soapbox | Jun 02, 2017

Bali is known to be a centre of art but when you go looking for its heart, it’s hard to find. That’s why we are taking you on an artistic journey in our June 2017 issue! People like art, they go to galleries and museums, to exhibitions and shows, and they like to feel they […]

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Being “Well” on a Holiday in Bali

Soapbox | May 01, 2017

“Well” come to Bali and our “well” ness issue. But what in heaven’s name is “wellness”? My first thoughts are “it’s not being ill” and I’m probably right. Being “well” is, well, a matter of balance rather than a benchmarked physical test to pass. No-one is perfectly healthy in mind, body and spirit simultaneously and […]

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