The ‘Right Way’ to Love Bali

Soapbox | Jan 31, 2020

“Love is a Many-Splendoured Thing” I’m pretty sure that expression came from a gooey Hollywood movie but it says it – all tongue in cheek! The love that St. Valentine expressed back in the 1st century, was actually one of sacrifice and that’s a very hard thing to do or  even to contemplate. But is […]

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It’s Time For The Roaring 20’s Again!

Soapbox | Dec 31, 2019

One hundred years ago the world was still celebrating peace in Europe after the devastation of World War One; America was in its first flush of modern lifestyle and invented the speakeasy, filled with dance, sing and happiness, fuelled  by the beginning of a huge booze trade. It was the ‘Roaring Twenties’ when anything was […]

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What to Remember During Bali’s ‘Festive Season’

Soapbox | Nov 29, 2019

Many years ago in Europe, but it was probably the same all over the world, festivals were very much centred on religious celebrations. Many of them were agriculturally based too like  ‘Thanksgiving’ for a good harvest (or sometimes a human sacrifice because the harvest was bad!), and were usually at very fixed points of the […]

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On Bali’s Beaten, Bashed and Battered Paths

Soapbox | Oct 31, 2019

There was a time, not that long ago, when it was really possible to get lost in Bali. To wander down unmarked roads and lanes and sit quietly under banyan trees in unnamed villages. There was nature in Kuta and fields in Seminyak, there wasn’t a single building in Nusa Dua nor a villa on […]

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The Dilemma of Sustainability

Soapbox | Oct 01, 2019

Sustainability is the hot word of the moment. Encompassing environmental friendliness, economic viability, community sensitivity and ethnical employment. It is a huge and complicated subject. But it’s not just hot, it’s important. Almost everything, no, actually everything needs to be sustainable. While most of us think of sustainability as an environmental issue and absolutely abhor […]

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From Sea to Shining Sea

Soapbox | Sep 04, 2019

British Poet John Masefield wrote his famous  poem ‘Sea Fever’ in 1902 which so beautifully expresses our fascination with the sea. The second verse sums it up well: “I must down to the sea again, for the call of the running rideIs a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied” We […]

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Art, Artisans, Skill and Inspiration

Soapbox | Aug 01, 2019

The art world is one that is very hard to understand, and I think those that control it want it to be that way! Which artist fetches the top dollar for their work? And why? It doesn’t always seem to be about what we (amateurs!) call quality, in fact some of the absolutely hot, top-grossing […]

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Fitness Fanatics & Health Nuts in Bali

Soapbox | Jul 02, 2019

I suppose most people want to be fit, and everyone wants to be healthy but isn’t it amazing that we don’t try very hard to achieve either? We bumble along putting off exercise schedules and programs and delay health checkups as if these were causes of the problems not the solutions. Don’t deny it! Part […]

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Some Enchanted Evening (in Bali)

Soapbox | Jun 02, 2019

Richard Rogers captured our imagination with his wonderful lyrics to this song from the movie ‘South Pacific’ in 1949. Not some enchanted morning, not some enchanted lunch time, no, the magic of love only starts at night. Maybe the magic is somewhat diffused by the latest additions to Bali, motorcycles roaring past and very loud […]

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Health, Wealth and Happiness

Soapbox | May 01, 2019

Our May 2019 issue is all about health, spas and wellness (which is different from health apparently) and how to generally look and feel good.  Now while you might not be aware of it, Indonesia (which includes Bali as a province) recently had national elections for all elected positions from city and provincial councils  to […]

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