Our Bali Heroes

Eco Bali: The Solution to Bali’s Waste Crisis

Our Bali Heroes | Jan 03, 2018

Indonesia has now become the world’s second-biggest contributor to plastic waste in the oceans. This island is facing the alarming issue of waste disposal with shorelines laden with refuse, which is washed up every day when the tides come in. Communities are struggling to deal with the volume of waste, and even high-end hotels now […]

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Holiday Shopping for a Cause

Festive Season | Dec 05, 2017

The end of the year is a time of celebration and a chance to renew our hearts with peaceful intentions and goodwill towards everyone. With festivities and holidays around the corner, let’s spare a thought for the less fortunate around us. It is time to clean out your closet of clothes you haven’t worn in […]

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Bamboo Bikes: Helping to Reduce Poverty in East Bali

Our Bali Heroes | Nov 28, 2017

Ban Village in Karangasem, East Bali, has the distinction of being one of the largest villages in Indonesia. With 7,200 hectares, all 19 of Ban’s sub-villages lie within 12 kilometres of the Mount Agung crater. All together the area is home to more than 3,500 families all of whom were forced to flee their homes […]

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Refill Bali: Saving Bali One Bottle at a Time

Our Bali Heroes | Nov 20, 2017

Bali is an island that tourism has impacted in a myriad of ways. Over 5 million travellers visit this island every year, staying in for at least 2 or 3 days. During these days, they will need to buy bottled water to support their daily activities. Now, this is the ugly truth. The lack of […]

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Bali Pink Ribbon: Early Detection Saves Lives

Our Bali Heroes | Oct 16, 2017

Until recently, major studies regarding breast cancer amongst women was limited to the developed countries. However, recent past studies have indicated breast cancer as one of the most common type of cancer in the female population in Asia-Pacific, particularly Indonesia accounting for almost 18% of the cancer diagnoses. Based on the International Agency for Research […]

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The John Fawcett Foundation Brings Sight Back to Bali

Our Bali Heroes | Sep 22, 2017

The quality of life for people in Indonesia is reduced as blindness plays a major hinderance in their normal living. This country is indeed suffering from such problem. World Health Organisation data has raised an alarm and states that every single minute in Indonesia sees a person go blind due to the poverty and weak […]

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The One Dollar for Music Initiative Helps Uplift Communities in Bali

Our Bali Heroes | Sep 22, 2017

Some may see music as mere entertainment, but music does more than entertain; it’s a powerful driving force especially for the youth. Here on the island, One Dollar For Music (ODFM), a non-profit organisation, helps youngsters develop their talents and preserve their culture. In Bali, and Indonesia in general, young people are well aware of […]

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Bali Children Foundation, A Little Hope for the Little Folk

Our Bali Heroes | Aug 16, 2017

As said by Dr. Seuss, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not”. The obvious reference in this context is caring for the children’s welfare and giving them an opportunity to lead a normal life on the Island of Bali. Though there has been some progress […]

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Bali Life Foundation: Giving Hope, Purpose and Dignity

Our Bali Heroes | Jul 14, 2017

Bali Life Foundation is an Indonesian and Australian registered foundation that exists for the sole purpose of providing a future and hope to the underprivileged children within its areas of operation, especially Bali. This foundation is an award-winning entity, having received many prestigious awards for its great work of improving the social and economic lives […]

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Lucky Dog: A Tale of Hope for Bali’s Canines

Our Bali Heroes | Jun 02, 2017

Behind all the beauties of Bali, a sad-tale of a dog’s life is looming. Without a doubt stray dogs are quite evident on this island. Bali dogs are by nature free roaming animals that have wandered on the island for thousands of years. Facts show that around 90% of the population of dogs in Bali […]

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