Our Bali Heroes

Food to the Rescue : Providing Nutrition to Bali’s Needy

Our Bali Heroes | Mar 06, 2020

Have you ever wondered what happens to the excess food at buffet breakfasts and brunches? Most of it is dumped. That’s where Scholars of Sustenance’s Food Rescue Movement comes in, reducing food waste and providing nutrition to where it’s needed. Indonesia is the second largest food waste contributor in the world. With 8% of all […]

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Solemen Indonesia: Tackling Bali’s Mental Health Crisis

Our Bali Heroes | Feb 09, 2020

Notable human rights warriors in history proved that going on a hunger strike is one way to stand up for a cause and make a difference. Similarly, when Solemen Indonesia started in 2011, founder Robert Epstone committed to stay barefoot in solidarity with those living in such substandard conditions where footwear is considered a luxury. […]

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Books for Bali Project : Fostering a Love for Literacy Among Balinese Children

Our Bali Heroes | Dec 30, 2019

The Internet is the mecca for information-seekers, enabling us to connect wirelessly and effortlessly to vast resources of knowledge. Whilst search engines have arguably conquered the traffic of this knowledge, they can’t quite recreate the traditional repositories of the printed word. Primarily in cities, schools have integrated digital means of learning, retreating from textbooks and […]

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In Our Memory: ROLE Foundation Founder Mike O’Leary Passes Away

Our Bali Heroes | Dec 19, 2019

It is with a heavy heart we share the news of Mike O’Leary’s passing on the 26th November 2019. A central part of the local community, Mike O’Leary was the founder of R.O.L.E Foundation and BaliWISE, a man who loved the environment and Bali and spent his years doing what he could to support and […]

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Giving Back to Bali this Christmas Season

Bali Festive Season | Nov 29, 2019

Amidst frenzied feasts and functions, familiar faces, and festive decor, let’s not forget about the true spirit of the Christmas season. Giving! There are many ways to lend a helping hand here in Bali, a last good dead for the year, if you will. Giving back to the community on the island is a simple […]

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Begawan Foundation : Protecting the Second Rarest Bird in the World

Our Bali Heroes | Oct 31, 2019

Animal performances and bareback rides; when the conversation regarding Bali’s wildlife tourism industry arises, a string of question follows. Not all is lost in the face of entertainment, however, as efforts to conserve Bali’s endangered wildlife remains of the agenda for many. Melinggih Kelod is a village in Payangan, about half an hour drive from […]

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The Race For Water : A Global Odyssey Campaigning To Save Our Oceans

Our Bali Heroes | Sep 22, 2019

Almost a decade ago, Swiss entrepreneur Marco Simeoni created the Race for Water Foundation dedicated to the preservation of water and in specific our oceans. On his journey, he has encountered the increasing magnitude of the plastic pollution catastrophe on ecosystems while offering pragmatic and useful alternatives to avoid the entry of plastic waste into […]

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The Mountain Mamas

Our Bali Heroes | Sep 10, 2019

Up on a Tabanan mountain, a group of local women are offering a solution to re-use and reduce waste not only in their home village of Wanagiri Kauh, but everywhere in Bali. Whether you are in Kuta or rural Singaraja, it is not uncommon to see plastic bags in places they don’t belong – stuck […]

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Friends of Menjangan : Protecting Paradise

Our Bali Heroes | Aug 01, 2019

If it wasn’t for tourism, West Bali would have remained a wild and untouched terrain. However, due to the beauty of Menjangan Island, a small island located 5 miles off Bali’s northwest coast, and the magnificent marine life that surrounds it, the once secluded district now attracts a good stream of visitors. But not without […]

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Behind Bali’s Sea Turtle Society

Our Bali Heroes | Jul 12, 2019

Indonesia is an archipelago blessed with a variety of natural wonders and exotic wildlife. There are a total of seven sea turtle species in the world, six of which grace the Indonesian waters! Although not widely recognised in the tourist spectacle, the world-famous Kuta Beach is a actually a nesting site for Olive Ridley Turtles, […]

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