Our Bali Heroes

Our Bali, Your Bali – A Fundraising Cookbook Like No Other

Our Bali Heroes | Dec 02, 2020

When the tourist gates closed back in April, everyone thought that this would be a temporary setback. Like the Bali bombings, or the eruptions of Mount Agung, this was just another hiccup in Bali’s unpredictable tourist game. Now, nearly nine months later, that thinking has long subsided and the island’s economy (along with that of […]

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The Ongoing Challenges of Eco-Sustainability in Bali

Our Bali Heroes | Nov 04, 2020

Bali’s environmental challenges are well-known and ongoing. One of the main obstacles is how to manage household waste effectively. Every day the quantity of landfill waste dumped at Bali’s largest rubbish site, TPA Suwung, South Denpasar, is enormous, and beyond its capacity. Village administrations throughout the island are directed by the government to minimise the […]

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Sendok Kreatif: Creating Culinary Micro-Businesses for those Out of Work

Our Bali Heroes | Sep 17, 2020

Empowering people through entrepreneurship and marketing, Sendok Kreatif is more than a community born out of the pandemic-led lockdown. It strives to reignite the culinary spark of those left unemployed in the hospitality industry and to build a solid foundation in the digital world; for each one to eventually possess the vital purpose of a sendok or […]

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Mixologist to Coffee Farmer: Wayan Arca and the Rise of Ulian Village

Our Bali Heroes | Sep 02, 2020

Ulian Murni is a farming village of 970 people, 150 hectares in size, found in the Kintamani area 40-minutes north of Ubud. Like most highland communities in north Bali, orange is the standard source of income for the native Ulian, perhaps even the greatest. These days, however, coffee comes as a tight second. Thanks to […]

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Plastic Exchange: The ‘Plastic for Rice’ Movement Grows

Our Bali Heroes | Aug 18, 2020

“It’s spreading like wildfire,” says I Made Janur Yasa filled to the brim with enthusiasm; the kind we need in these trying times. Plastic For Rice is a barter scheme that aims to turn Bali’s environmental pollution issues into an opportunity to use plastic waste as a currency for food. The Plastic Exchange Initiative, as […]

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Local Balinese Children Engage in Holistic Learning at Home as Schools Remain in Lockdown

Our Bali Heroes | Jun 12, 2020

When the island came to a sudden standstill, an NGO in Ubud refused to to do the same. With many children locked down at home, away from schools, they decided to continue their crucial educational activities to keep these children stimulated and continuously educated. Since 2017, Begawan Foundation, a charity organisation working towards the conservation […]

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Going Above & Beyond: Organisations Extending Their Help Further During Covid-19

On The Frontline | May 16, 2020

If running a charitable organisation wasn’t already enough, these groups have extended yet another hand to the newly vulnerable communities created through the Covid-19 outbreak. Whilst many charities have their core function and mission, be it providing employment and education or supporting orphanages, there are those who have decided to go above and beyond their […]

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‘Plastic For Rice’ : Providing Sustenance by Keeping Bali Clean

Our Bali Heroes | May 14, 2020

A new barter scheme conceived by an Ubud restaurateur is helping a village in Tabanan stay afloat amidst the pandemic. Trading trash for food, or ‘Plastic for Rice’, is an effort to reduce waste problems in villages, whilst keeping families in need nourished and healthy. In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity. When […]

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Food to the Rescue : Providing Nutrition to Bali’s Needy

Our Bali Heroes | Mar 06, 2020

Have you ever wondered what happens to the excess food at buffet breakfasts and brunches? Most of it is dumped. That’s where Scholars of Sustenance’s Food Rescue Movement comes in, reducing food waste and providing nutrition to where it’s needed. Indonesia is the second largest food waste contributor in the world. With 8% of all […]

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Solemen Indonesia: Tackling Bali’s Mental Health Crisis

Our Bali Heroes | Feb 09, 2020

Notable human rights warriors in history proved that going on a hunger strike is one way to stand up for a cause and make a difference. Similarly, when Solemen Indonesia started in 2011, founder Robert Epstone committed to stay barefoot in solidarity with those living in such substandard conditions where footwear is considered a luxury. […]

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