Our Bali Heroes

Crisis Kitchen Bali : Feeding, Empowering and Supporting Bali’s Newly Vulnerable Communities

Our Bali Heroes | Mar 26, 2021

A year after Bali’s first lockdown, and the subsequent decline of the island’s tourist economy, many on the island still struggle to make ends meet. It’s a reality that is difficult to face, that thousands of people remain jobless for over year. These are people who never could have imagined being in a state of […]

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Bali Bag of Hope : Artisanal Products From (and For) the People of Bali

Our Bali Heroes | Mar 18, 2021

Imagine a bag filled with amazing artisanal and organic products that were not only made in Bali by local producers, but also helps to drive a community-based economy through the pandemic. This is the Bali Bag of Hope. There have been many positive community and charitable movements that started in 2020, the silver lining from […]

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From the Ground Up: Regenerating Bali’s Agriculture the Astungkara Way

Our Bali Heroes | Feb 11, 2021

Spearheading a new era of agriculture, The Astungkara Way heeds regenerative actions to redefine Bali’s farming system— and it all starts from the soil. The conventional farming practices of over-fertilising and frequent tilling have proven to not only be problematic and counter-productive, but ultimately undermines the nutritional value of the food we consume.  The chemicals […]

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The BaliCore Expedition: A 10-day, Coast-to-Coast Walk Through the Heart of Bali

Our Bali Heroes | Feb 10, 2021

The Bali Covid-19 Relief Expedition (BaliCore) will embark on a 10-day walking expedition through the heart of Bali from April 2 – 11, 2021 in order to raise funds for rural communities across the island who are impacted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The cessation of international travel since March 2020 has created a devastating […]

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Findings from ‘Sungai Watch’ Cleanups Expose the Biggest Polluters of Bali’s Rivers

Our Bali Heroes | Feb 03, 2021

Bali-based community organisation, Sungai Watch, released the first ‘River Plastic Report’, gathered from their regular river cleanups, and its findings make for an eye-opening read. Rivers are the connection point between life on land and the ocean. Starting in Indonesia, Sungai Watch aims to protect the world’s waterways through these mass river cleanups, whilst developing […]

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Our Bali, Your Bali – A Fundraising Cookbook Like No Other

Our Bali Heroes | Dec 02, 2020

When the tourist gates closed back in April, everyone thought that this would be a temporary setback. Like the Bali bombings, or the eruptions of Mount Agung, this was just another hiccup in Bali’s unpredictable tourist game. Now, nearly nine months later, that thinking has long subsided and the island’s economy (along with that of […]

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The Ongoing Challenges of Eco-Sustainability in Bali

Our Bali Heroes | Nov 04, 2020

Bali’s environmental challenges are well-known and ongoing. One of the main obstacles is how to manage household waste effectively. Every day the quantity of landfill waste dumped at Bali’s largest rubbish site, TPA Suwung, South Denpasar, is enormous, and beyond its capacity. Village administrations throughout the island are directed by the government to minimise the […]

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Sendok Kreatif: Creating Culinary Micro-Businesses for those Out of Work

Our Bali Heroes | Sep 17, 2020

Empowering people through entrepreneurship and marketing, Sendok Kreatif is more than a community born out of the pandemic-led lockdown. It strives to reignite the culinary spark of those left unemployed in the hospitality industry and to build a solid foundation in the digital world; for each one to eventually possess the vital purpose of a sendok or […]

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Mixologist to Coffee Farmer: Wayan Arca and the Rise of Ulian Village

Our Bali Heroes | Sep 02, 2020

Ulian Murni is a farming village of 970 people, 150 hectares in size, found in the Kintamani area 40-minutes north of Ubud. Like most highland communities in north Bali, orange is the standard source of income for the native Ulian, perhaps even the greatest. These days, however, coffee comes as a tight second. Thanks to […]

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Plastic Exchange: The ‘Plastic for Rice’ Movement Grows

Our Bali Heroes | Aug 18, 2020

“It’s spreading like wildfire,” says I Made Janur Yasa filled to the brim with enthusiasm; the kind we need in these trying times. Plastic For Rice is a barter scheme that aims to turn Bali’s environmental pollution issues into an opportunity to use plastic waste as a currency for food. The Plastic Exchange Initiative, as […]

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