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The Real Story of The Kaiserschmarrn Dessert

My Inner Voice | Feb 28, 2018

If you have never tried a Kaiserschmarrn, then you really are missing out on one of the best and richest desserts in the world. And what goes very well with this pancake dessert is a Sauternes, Ausbruch, Beerenauslese or Vin Santo. It is the ideal sweet wine dish for anytime. It is made of a […]

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My Way of Appreciating Wines

My Inner Voice | Jan 31, 2018

Honouring great wines is always the aim of a good Sommelier, especially those wines chosen to be on his or her wine list. However to appreciate the wines it is actually not done by simply giving the wine a so called description for customers to read – which is in some cases rather boring (colour, […]

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Judging a Sommelier: Wine Lists and Events

My Inner Voice | Dec 20, 2017

This year marks the seventh time that Kayuputi Restaurant at The St. Regis Bali Resort, has received the Wine Spectator Award with two glasses. This means that we are still the only restaurant in Indonesia who has achieved this. Many people say that it would be easy to get this award, with some saying “You […]

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Wine History in Indonesia

My Inner Voice | Nov 20, 2017

If there’s going to be someone from Indonesia who will one day write about wine history in the country, then it’s important for this person to mention these four people as I’ve listed here. Yohan Handoyo So let’s start with a wine connoisseur from Jakarta. Currently residing in Bali and working for a winery producing […]

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Harald Wiesmann: 5 Years Writing About Wine for NOW! Bali

Dining | Sep 13, 2017

In the last issue I celebrated my 45 years being in the hospitality business and how I still like it. This month is also a celebration as I have been contributing to the wine column of NOW!Bali Magazine for 5 years. It started all in September 2012 with my first article for the magazine, which […]

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Becoming a Good Father

My Inner Voice | Aug 26, 2017

To be in the business for 45 years is, I believe, special. Most people my age have left the industry for retirement or have changed profession to something else. It all started at the Hotel Russischer Hof in Wuerzburg Bavaria (Hotel Russian Domaine) in 1972 on the 5th of August. At the time, it was […]

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The World of Spirits is Made from Grapes

My Inner Voice | Jul 25, 2017

Last time we spoke of fortified wines like Porto, Marsala, Vermouth, Vin Santo and Sherry. I would say, that these wines do still taste like wines without much alcohol. Because of this we can combine Port wine with an Amarone from Venetia or a Sherry with a Viognier from Molly Dokker in South Australia or […]

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Passion for Wine

My Inner Voice | Jul 03, 2017

When people visit my Restaurant, Kayuputi, and they see me at work talking about wine, often they say, “we believe that you have a lot of passion for that what you are doing”. And that is true. I wonder about myself too, why do I have this feeling for wine and why do I love […]

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The World of Vermouth, Sherry, Port and Fortifieds

My Inner Voice | May 24, 2017

A Sommelier’s job is more than just knowing which are the perfect wines made from grapes. To not know, for example, how Cinzano, Madeira, Sherry, Port and so many other fortified wines are made would mean you are not a well versed sommelier. We call them fortified because these beverages are not only made of […]

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Wines Made in Bali: Local Grapes vs The Imports

My Inner Voice | Apr 20, 2017

Dear Inner Voice readers, after more than 11 years of being a Sommelier on the beautiful island of Bali, I would like to share some thoughts of what we call the ‘local’ wines. There are now two types of wines made in Bali, those producing on the island using imported grapes, or those producing wine […]

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