Finally Unplugged at Terapung Float Club, Bali’s Premium Flotation Centre

Indulge | Jun 13, 2019

Focus, clarity, efficiency, stability. These are the traits today’s working person strives for in the workplace, or in life in general. Those with mental clarity and awareness are able to excel, but the growing number of distractions in our day-to-day lives is making this difficult. That’s why more and more people are finding practices and […]

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Bali’s Modern Health & Beauty Treatments To Make You Look & Feel Your Best

Indulge | May 15, 2019

Relaxing traditional Balinese massages may not be for everyone, you may be after something new and exciting. The modern day spa and wellness world now offers some bizarre trends, like the vampire facial or snake massages, just to name a few extremes. However, more appropriately, modern treatments are those that use new technologies to offer […]

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These Luxe Spa Treatments Are the Most Indulgent in Bali

Indulge | May 09, 2019

The Island of the Gods is not only a destination for culture and travel, but also for leisure and luxury. From a signature “Bloody Mary” treatment to four-hand indulgence and 300-minute plus rituals, these establishments know luxury and impeccably deliver it to any leisure seeker in Bali. Luxurious spa pampering and wellness therapies are taken […]

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Bali Salon : Look and Feel Good at these Hair and Nail Havens

Indulge | May 08, 2019

The more we practise self-care, the more confident, creative, and productive we are! Indulging in activities and pastimes that you enjoy is an act of self-care. For some, self-care can be internal, finding moments of quiet or peace, sinking into a flower bath or doing an hour of meditation. For others, self-care is about looking […]

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Disconnect to Reconnect: Unplug and Find Peace in These 3 Sanctuaries in Bali

Indulge | May 05, 2019

Delving into the world of health and wellness can create incredible changes to your life. If you don’t already part-take, Bali is the perfect place to start your journey. Here on the island of the gods, you are invited to explore the world of wellness in many ways. These wellness activities are said to improve […]

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The Best Yoga Studios in Bali : From Ubud to the Ocean

Indulge | May 03, 2019

Bali’s no longer known as a mere holiday stop. Yes – surf, sun, and sea are still parts of the main attraction but in addition to the beach resorts, the tropical destination also stands as southeast Asia’s wellness hub. Yoga shalas are sprouting in Ubud, Canggu and beyond; yogis are flocking to the island to […]

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Bali’s Age-Old Healing Rituals

Indulge | Apr 30, 2019

Bali has enough wellness and health programs to make it a real healing capital on the world map. From the indigenous healing treatments of the balians, or spiritual healers, to the jamu herbal medicines that women wander the streets selling by the glassful, the possibilities to stay healthy are abundant. Then add in the proliferation […]

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Bali Spas with the Best Views on the Island

Indulge | Apr 30, 2019

Upholding a reputation as Southeast Asia’s relaxation capital, Bali gifts us with luxurious pampering sessions set against glorious backdrops. Spas on the island understand what it means to both appreciate and take advantage of this paradise isl-and; mother nature has done all the work, so all we have to do is simply enjoy it! These […]

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The Legian’s ‘Wellness’ Experience is Great for Him and Her

Indulge | Apr 23, 2019

A new wellness concept has been introduced at The Legian Bali. Incorporating a wide range of spa treatments, nutrition, fitness and highly personalisedprogrammes, the new concept is curated by the resort’s wellness concierges and delivered by expert wellness practitioners. In collaboration with ila, Hommage and Technogym, the “Wellness by The Legian” concept offers treatments that […]

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Terapung Float Club : Premium Flotation Centre Opens in Bali

Spa | Apr 05, 2019

Taking the wellness world by storm, “floating” has become one of the most sought after relaxation practices in the last decade. Finally, this little island, now a hub for health and wellness, welcomes Terapung Float Club, the first premium flotation centre in Bali , found in the heart of Seminyak.  What is ‘Floating’?  Floating involves […]

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