The Legian’s ‘Wellness’ Experience is Great for Him and Her

Indulge | Apr 23, 2019

A new wellness concept has been introduced at The Legian Bali. Incorporating a wide range of spa treatments, nutrition, fitness and highly personalisedprogrammes, the new concept is curated by the resort’s wellness concierges and delivered by expert wellness practitioners. In collaboration with ila, Hommage and Technogym, the “Wellness by The Legian” concept offers treatments that […]

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Terapung Float Club : Premium Flotation Centre Opens in Bali

Spa | Apr 05, 2019

Taking the wellness world by storm, “floating” has become one of the most sought after relaxation practices in the last decade. Finally, this little island, now a hub for health and wellness, welcomes Terapung Float Club, the first premium flotation centre in Bali , found in the heart of Seminyak.  What is ‘Floating’?  Floating involves […]

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Is Ubud Really the Wellness Capital of Bali?

Indulge | Mar 21, 2019

Go to any number of cafes around Ubud and you will find the air buzzing with yoga talk. “Is aerial yoga the best? Maybe I should try that today. Ooh Kundalini hmmm, I want to try. I have been doing so many different kinds of classes while I’m here, it’s so cool. Is sun salutation […]

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Away Spa at W Bali: The Space Age Spa

Indulge | Jan 16, 2019

The soothing sounds of a trickling river with crickets chirping in the background or golden beach vistas are not everyone’s definition of indulgence. Some may be in search for the newest and coolest experiences out there. At W Bali Seminyak, your spa experience is powered by urban aesthetics and future-forward concepts – it’s like stepping […]

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Have You Ever Heard of Ubud’s Miraculous White Flower?

Indulge | Dec 10, 2018

Ubud, who’s name derives from Ubad (or medicine), is just full of medicinal plants and herbs. While many of these herbs are known to the Balinese, it is such second nature to them that the knowledge stays close to home. One day while walking in the ricefields, I saw a man plucking a small white […]

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Meditation : Do We Really Need To?

Indulge | Nov 28, 2018

From Rishikesh to Lhasa, from LA to Ubud, Meditation is the rage.  Those who don’t actually get down to it, can talk about it, which is almost the same thing! From the Tibetan lamas who spend their lives in a semi meditative state, to those who dabble now and then, meditation is the key.  Said […]

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New Facial Treatments Arrive at Bvlgari

Indulge | Oct 29, 2018

For many women, getting a routine facial is an essential part of their skin care regime. With that being said, we have certainly evolved from the days when “facial treatments” and “men” wouldn’t go well in the same paragraph, much less the same sentence. Today’s hectic lifestyle coupled with the harsh ageing effects of pollution […]

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Turmeric : The Golden Miracle

Indulge | Oct 23, 2018

The word on everyone’s lips right now is turmeric, or in Indonesia, it is known as Kunyit. This magical root, a member of the ginger family, is attributed with miraculous, almost unbelievable powers. Everything comes under its benign influence, from curing cancer to erasing wrinkles and improving both body and brain function. It is said […]

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Alila Ubud’s Rainforest Spa Experience is a Day of Ultimate Indulgence

Spa | Oct 11, 2018

Escape into the Ayung River valley for a day of pampering and relaxation with Alila Ubud’s Rainforest Spa Experience.  Walking below the actual resort, deeper into the valley, you will find Alila Ubud’s ‘Bale Bengong’, a secluded little hut traditionally used for peace and quiet. However, peace and quiet are taken to slightly new levels of […]

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Tackle Your Sleep Problems at this Specialised Sleep and Relax Retreat in Bali

Spa | Oct 10, 2018

Have you ever had trouble sleeping? Insomnia, a racing mind, waking up feeling like you haven’t even rested? You’re not the only one. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our lives, but modern lifestyles have disturbed many people’s ability to sleep naturally, to wake up feeling refreshed. Luckily there is a science […]

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