Nightlife in Nusa Dua: Beach Clubs, Bars and Late Night Spots

Bali After Dark | Nov 13, 2017

Nusa Dua is best known for its family resorts, manicured gardens and white sand beaches, whilst the usual party-goers and nocturnal types are usually found in Bali’s Kuta, Legian and Seminyak districts. Still, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t nightlife in Nusa Dua . With the demand from visitors and residents to have something exciting in the area, […]

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On the Hunt for Arak Bali

Bali After Dark | Nov 01, 2017

When you put aside vodka or gin from your cocktail, that’s where arak comes in. This traditional beverage has a distinct anise flavour to keep you cool as you watch the sunset or enjoy the evening from your daybed under a thatched roof. Now, shake or strain, pour it in a cocktail glass or build […]

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Island Maestros: Gus Teja and Indra Lesmana

Indulge | Sep 22, 2017

It’s easy to draw inspirations from a paradise island such as Bali, especially for artists. The local maestros as well as internationally acclaimed painters such as Arie Smit have captured the is-land’s nature and culture, immortalised in their canvases. Sculptures have translated the Bali-nese Hinduism and its mythological beings into brilliant carvings and statues. And […]

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DJ’s and Flashing Lights: Best Clubs in Bali

Indulge | Sep 06, 2017

With the amazing talent pool that is available, the island serves a unique mix of local and International DJs. The performances come alive with resident DJs who have contributed to the initial rise of the DJ culture from ground up, to the star DJs who have flocked to Bali to add to the flavour. Providing […]

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Weekend Parties at The Mulia

Nightlife | Jun 08, 2017

The Mulia Bali has added a ton of exciting events to their usual calendar centred around spicing up anyone’s weekend. Offering different vibes from Friday to Sunday, but lots of fun whichever day you choose. So if you’re looking for some great nightlife in Nusa Dua, head to the Mulia on one of these days: […]

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Paris Cat: Bali’s Newest Jazz Club

Indulge | Apr 03, 2017

Sister club of Australia’s leading jazz scene the Paris Cat Melbourne, Paris Cat Jazz Club Bali presents a new experience the island has never seen before. Entrance to the club is through a big black door that gives an exclusive feeling upon entering the club, and along the stairs you are welcomed by memorabilia of […]

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Bali Prohibition Era

Indulge | Feb 10, 2017

Housed inside a big black box in Seminyak, a bar is serving up an array of forgotten concoctions in a dark and atmospheric setting. Uncover this clandestine hideaway for a non-pretentious bar experience. If you’re looking to avoid the popular grind of Seminyak’s busy venues then take a peek at Modicum, a speakeasy that boasts […]

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The BARber: Serving Whisky, Shaving Whiskers

Indulge | Jan 03, 2017

A clean shave and single malt scotch have not always been comfortable bedfellows especially in Jimbaran, until now. Barbershop/bar hybrids are on the rise in Bali, praised for their quirky brand of cool that delivers far beyond convenience. Enter BARber; this new Jimbaran venue is styling itself by serving whisky as well as shaving whiskers. […]

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Stark Craft Beer: Made in Bali

Indulge | Dec 10, 2016

The only premium craft beer from Indonesia, and produced in Bali, Stark Beer has introduced a new look for its variants: Wheat, Dark Wheat, Indonesian Pale Ale (IPA), Low Carbohydrate Lager, Lychee Ale and Mango Ale. Passionately brewed in the north of Bali, Stark Beer sources the purest spring water from the Batu Karu Mountain to […]

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Remedies for the Morning After

Bali Watering Holes | Nov 09, 2016

Hangover Cures in Bali: Yes ladies and gentleman, there are, unfortunately, consequences to enjoying Bali ‘after hours’. An innocent sip of a craftily concocted drink may very well start an evening of unexpected excitement involving slightly less innocent sips of something stronger, then well, the rest is history! Such an evening often comes complete with […]

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