Le Jazz Mannekepis

Nightlife | Sep 28, 2013

While you’ll likely be coming to Mannekepis because of the enthusiastic reviews for their food, you’ll be impressed with the ambiance of this establishment which can also make a cool spot to hangout and just have drinks. If you venture there on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Mannekepis offers a vibrant nightlife scene. From […]

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Cocktail Head

Nightlife | Aug 28, 2013

Let me tell you a few tips that will help transform your night out in Bali from good, to great. My recommended beverages are perfect to fight the summer heat and come in great variety to satisfy differing preferences. First things first, you must be in good company to enjoy the experience. It’s almost impossible […]

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Paramount Fun at Bali’s Rooftop

Nightlife | Jul 25, 2013

Until a few weeks ago, Bukit Jimbaran, which covers the area between the precarious intersection in lower Jalan Raya Uluwatu and the equally precarious Ungasan-Balangan intersection, was never an obvious destination for nightlife in the south of Bali. People pass down the long, sloping road mainly to get to, or back from, a number of […]

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Jazz for the Masses

Nightlife | Jun 28, 2013

Next month, be a part of a landmark musical event at ARMA Museum Ubud. On the evenings of the 9th and 10th  of August, some 100 acclaimed local and international jazz talents will be performing at the first Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF). The festival is to become the first community jazz event on an […]

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The Little Jazz Town Called Ubud

Nightlife | May 31, 2013

You would be forgiven in thinking that nightly entertainment in Bali is limited to the greater Kuta area, in Badung regency. There’s nothing like the famous beach town on the weekend with its long row of clubs and bars blasting all kinds of musical genres to passersby. Yet Sanur in east Denpasar is actually home […]

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Party Heaven Bali

Nightlife | May 31, 2013

The current nightlife scene in Bali is a relatively recent development, alongside the more conventional dining and shopping options. As the 21st century rolled in, changes started to happen; parties in Bali started to get bigger and more elaborate. This summer, when the temperature cools down a bit, the night will inevitably get hotter. 

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Double Six’ Coolest

Nightlife | Apr 29, 2013

The Double Six street in Seminyak has long been a favorite destination for lively after dark entertainment with its long row of glitzy bars and restaurants. Yet the one which arguably commands the most attention in the strip nowadays is the rather subtle establishment on the corner of Jalan Arjuna and Jalan Double Six, Cocoon […]

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Chilling Out in Nusa Dua

Nightlife | Mar 26, 2013

Nusa Dua is brimming with activity during the daytime, but when the light dims, it’s clear that this upscale neighborhood is nothing like Seminyak with its week –long, bustling nightlife.  Although the area boasts some excellent restaurants, half the people who go to Nusa Dua are skeptical about finding a nightlife scene. The other half […]

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The Best Night Out Before Midnight

Nightlife | Mar 01, 2013

The town of Ubud in Gianyar has been celebrated for its ethereal charm, perhaps more than other places in Bali. Today it grows into a destination that affords many things to many people.  Everyday visitors flock the streets for its vivacious market place, and assortment of cultural attractions and cool hangouts. Yet when the night […]

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warisan, a heritage of quality

Nightlife | Jan 02, 2013

With so many restaurants popping up all over Bali, the fact that I went twice in one week to Warisan shows I have either no imagination or that they are doing things very well, says Now! Bali’s Alistair Speirs! It definitely is the latter.

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