Manta Spiced Rum : Locally Made in Bali

Indulge | Jan 20, 2020

Rich yet smooth, Manta Spiced Rum combines a unique mix of prized spices with aged rum providing complex layers of taste that is best served neat or with a favourite cola and a slice of lime. Greatly inspired by the graceful giant mantas that roam the seas of Bali and Raja Ampat Manta Rum has […]

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4 Things You Need for 2020 Rejuvenation

Indulge | Jan 12, 2020

As we enter a new decade, you need to be feeling good inside and out. Whilst many focus on a new look for the new year, we’re suggesting that your 2020 shopping needs should be centred around feeling fresh from head to toe. Fresh Faced Did you know the environment can visibly age your skin? […]

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New Year, New Me : Feeling and Looking Fresh for 2020

Indulge | Jan 08, 2020

After the champagne, confetti, and timely reunions comes the opportunity for a fresh start. Whilst we often shoot for the moon with our New Year’s resolutions, NOW! Bali believes its best to start simple, by starting 2020 feeling renewed and looking fresh to welcome a new decade and birth in a new you. The festivities […]

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5 Bali Wellness Experiences That Will Help You Feel Renewed for 2020

Spa | Dec 31, 2019

If you share the same sentiment as the rest of the world – i.e. that 2019 was a tough year – then its important to start 2020 feeling renewed and rejuvenated. As a hub for spa, health and wellness, Bali is the perfect place to prepare yourself for a brand new decade. With these 5 […]

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Looking Good for New Year’s Eve : The Ultimate Party Glam Up

Bali Festive Season | Dec 18, 2019

Are you ready to ring in the New Year? No, not yet – ladies you need to glam-up and gentlemen you need a little grooming before you slip into your evening attire and get the party started! For the last night of 2019, you need to look your very best, so we’ve rounded up a […]

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Bali: Tropical paradise turned shopping-lovers’ heaven

Shopping | Dec 12, 2019

Boho-chic, Parisian elegance, edgy-cool, ethnic luxe; Bali may be renowned for its exotic climate and idyllic beaches, but today it is evolving into a diverse and exciting hub for fashion.  The beauty of the artisan-entrepreneur fusion manifests itself best in the quality leather and fine jewellery pieces which can be bought in Bali, while swimwear […]

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Resort Chic : Why You’ll Love Bamboo Blonde’s Newest Looks

Indulge | Dec 05, 2019

This street-style magnet has built a fierce social presence on the island among local and international followers. With 13 stores spanning across Bali, Bamboo Blonde has been redefining the ‘island babe’ look in line with contemporary fashion since 2007. Found on the island’s most popular corners, Bamboo Blonde is hard to miss, whether it’s standing […]

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Ice Skating in Bali? You Can at the Bali Ice Skating Arena

Indulge | Dec 04, 2019

Has it ever crossed your mind to go ice skating in Bali? Probably not, but with Christmas here, it may just be a season-appropriate activity! Bali Ice Skating Arena is found within Mal Bali Galeria and only opened recently. It is the first ever permanent ice skating rink in Bali. What started off as an […]

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Christmas Shopping on the Island

Bali Festive Season | Nov 29, 2019

There is a lot to look forward in the festive season and Christmas shopping is up there on the list for many of us. From moth-er natures great gifts to hardwood kitchenware, we’ve rounded up some of Balis most festive presents whether its for a loved one, colleague, or a Secret Santa swap. Wine Not? […]

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Bali Shopping with an ‘Eco Ego’

Indulge | Nov 06, 2019

Conscious shoppers are growing in numbers, meaning that businesses, too, must reassess their values and shape their products and practices to address this. One boutique store is a head of the curve; putting a focus on handcrafted bamboo and wooden lifestyle accessories, this store presents a variety of gear any eco-warrior will love. Since 2012, […]

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