Iceland Vodka : A Spirit Made in the Rolling Hills of Tabanan, Bali

Nightlife | Jan 20, 2021

Harnessing the power of nature and Bali’s bountiful landscape, Astidama Distillery (PT Astidama Adhimukti) presents a unique and high quality spirit distilled on the Island of Gods, Iceland Vodka . Astidama Distillery is located in Bali’s Tabanan Regency, where rolling hills, rice fields and mountains converge to create an exotic, tropical landscape. It is here […]

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Bali Wellness Experiences That Will Help You Feel Renewed for 2021

Spa | Dec 31, 2020

If you share the same sentiment as the rest of the world – i.e. that 2020 was a tough year – then its important to start 2021 feeling renewed and rejuvenated. As a hub for spa, health and wellness, Bali is the perfect place to prepare yourself for a brand new decade. With these 4 […]

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An Alternative Healing Experience in Bali

Heal, Pray, Spa | Mar 31, 2020

With its mystical atmosphere, Bali is renowned for offering wellness experiences beyond ‘the norm’. Ketut Jaya is one to provide such an experience, offering a traditional, alternative massage unlike any other. Whilst massages, meditation, spas and yoga might be on the regular repertoire of wellness in Bali, many descend upon the island seeking health beyond […]

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Paulina Katarina Reveals Latest Collection ‘Rosa’

A Culinary Journey | Mar 14, 2020

Homegrown on the island, PAULINA KATARINA is one of the most sought after fashion labels made in Bali. Focusing on women’s wear, the sophisticated clothing comes through a collaboration between sisters Surya Paulina and Ratna Katarina; whose bold, playful and feminine personalities shine through their own designs The latest collection to come out of PAULINA […]

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Capoeira for Kids

Indulge | Mar 12, 2020

For parents looking for an activity that simultaneously provides children with both physical training and creative stimulation, capoeira might just be the solution. Parents usually want their kids to join extracurricular activities that either involve some being active or foster artistic thinking. While some kids have the opportunity to do several activities, others may not […]

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Enter Shambhala : Experience Rejuvenation at COMO Uma Canggu

Indulge | Mar 07, 2020

Inside COMO Uma Canggu, a wellness retreat presents age-old health traditions in a stylish, almost futuristic setting. Nestled in the heart of Canggu lies one of the island’s finest wellness sanctuary, COMO Shambhala Retreat, located within COMO Uma Canggu. As part of the international COMO Hotels and Resorts brand, well-known for its ethos on health […]

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Sensatia Botanicals Launches Biodegradable Sheet Masks

Indulge | Mar 02, 2020

Indonesia’s leading natural beauty care brand, Sensatia Botanicals, has recently introduced a brand new sheet mask collection. Using biodegradable VEOCEL™ branded fibres derived from sustainable wood sources, controlled and certified as biodegradable and compostable. This means guilt-free disposal as the masks will simply biodegrade after use. There are four different concentrated serums formulated with natural […]

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Walks in Nature with the Kids

Indulge | Feb 20, 2020

With so much happening to our beloved Earth at the moment, it’s more important than ever to introduce nature to the next generation – and to do so as early as possible. Breathing fresh air, feeling the different textures against their skin, be it leaves, sand, soil or even a soft breeze, introducing children to […]

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Bamboo Blonde : The Epitome of Island Style

Indulge | Feb 14, 2020

This street-style magnet has built a fierce social presence on the island among local and international followers. With 14 stores spanning across Bali, Bamboo Blonde has been redefining the ‘island babe’ look in line with contemporary fashion since 2007. The clothes are breezy and colourful, whilst presenting a bold take on ‘resort chic’. Flowing outerwear […]

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Blow Bar Bali : The Ultimate Blow Dry

Indulge | Feb 14, 2020

If you’re after a some pampering on the island of the gods, then head to one of Seminyak’s most lauded salons, where your manicure comes with a martini and your blow dry comes with bubbles. Blow Bar Bali is a beauty salon that doubles as a social hangout and every patron is encouraged to ‘drink […]

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