10 Best Activities in Bali for Kids and Families

Kid's Fun | Apr 18, 2019

Bali is great for family holidays, but often parents can be lost in a sea of options, or just plain lost, when it comes to finding activities in Bali for kids. There is, in fact, so many things for kids to enjoy on the island, from fun sports activities, cultural   Experiences and even getting […]

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Volcom’s New ‘Shoot Rainbows’ Collection Will Bring Out Your Inner Artist

Indulge | Apr 17, 2019

Not your typical surfer, nor the conventional artist, Ozzie Wright has brought out an anti-fascist statement through quirky fashion. From the mind of Ozzie comes this colourful call-to-arms range of clothing with artwork that has been deconstructed and repurposed, giving the entire capsule a playful punk spin on a meaningful piece of propaganda: “Shoot Rainbows […]

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Sensatia Opens Sixteenth Store at Sidewalk Jimbaran

Indulge | Apr 09, 2019

Sensatia Botanicals, Indonesia’s leading natural beauty care brand, has recently opened its 16th location at Sidewalk Jimbaran. The new store is the company’s first location in Jimbaran, furthering the reach for customers on the island. The outlet boasts midcentury modern design, housing more than 150 natural products ranging from skincare to personal care. Well-known for […]

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Terapung Float Club : Premium Flotation Centre Opens in Bali

Spa | Apr 05, 2019

Taking the wellness world by storm, “floating” has become one of the most sought after relaxation practices in the last decade. Finally, this little island, now a hub for health and wellness, welcomes Terapung Float Club, the first premium flotation centre in Bali , found in the heart of Seminyak.  What is ‘Floating’?  Floating involves […]

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Is Ubud Really the Wellness Capital of Bali?

Indulge | Mar 21, 2019

Go to any number of cafes around Ubud and you will find the air buzzing with yoga talk. “Is aerial yoga the best? Maybe I should try that today. Ooh Kundalini hmmm, I want to try. I have been doing so many different kinds of classes while I’m here, it’s so cool. Is sun salutation […]

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Indulge | Mar 20, 2019

Bali has an impressive range of sustainable brands. For some shops, caring for the planet and keeping their business alive come hand-in-hand. So, if you love the environment as much as you love shopping, mark these shops and brands on your next trip.  BALI BALANCE Pure, natural and sustainable are the main goals for this […]

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Island Jewels Made in Bali

Indulge | Mar 15, 2019

When it comes to jewellery, the intricate Balinese craftsmanship is to be cherished for a lifetime, offering both timeless and alternative designs, each flawlessly crafted with an understated elegance. From necklaces to earrings, and rings to bracelets, the artist-made jewelries of Bali are enchanting to behold, with their gentle curves, sophisticated details, natural forms, silver, […]

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A Beach Day with Little Ones

Indulge | Mar 14, 2019

As a parent, coming to Bali is actually quite comforting as the island offers various activities for kids and the whole family. While some activities require a budget, a day on the beach is fun and free! Although, not every beach in Bali is child-friendly. Parents need to take many things into consideration: if the […]

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Visiting Kintamani with the Kids

Indulge | Feb 04, 2019

Mount Batur, Kintamani and Toya BungkahHotspring are some of the highlights in the Bangli Regency, central Bali. The wild, rugged landscape of an active volcano aren’t just vistas for adults to enjoy; they instil wonder and an appreciation for nature in children too. A trip to this enchanting caldera makes for a great family day […]

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Gift Ideas for Him & Her this Valentine’s Day

Indulge | Feb 04, 2019

Aside from the endless pampering and bonding experiences, Valentine’s Day is also about gift-giving. This is no simple feat, gift-giving should be considered an intimate act, as a lot of thought is, or at least should be, put into it. Here are some Bali gift ideas to show to your partner that you’ve been thinking […]

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