Island of Love

Tumpek Krulut : A Balinese Valentine

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Feb 12, 2020

As February waltzes in, sweethearts around the world swing in full pursuit of flowers, chocolates and vows to exchange in the name of love. In Balinese culture, affection is instead shared through a day of prayers and ballads of music. Valentine’s Day is synonymous with romance and indulgence; and traditionally recognised as a holiday inspired […]

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Bali’s Amorous Escapes

Island of Love | Feb 11, 2020

When the lounging on glittery sand and savouring cocktails at sunset have been ticked off the date list, perhaps it’s time to take the intimacy to the next level. Here we share some of the island’s unparalleled romantic escapes and stays that encourage you and your loved one to explore not only Bali, but also […]

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The Classic Valentine’s Gifts

Indulge | Feb 10, 2020

Nothing beats a bouquet and a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Whilst often labelled as ‘cliché’ gifts today, there is no doubt that deep down people still enjoy the gesture of receiving chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day – or any day, in fact. Yes, this timeless duo have history, dating back to 18th […]

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Make Your Own Chocolate at Sorga Chocolates Bali

Island of Love | Feb 07, 2020

Chocolate has long been known as an aphrodisiac, so if biting into it sparks up passion, what about making it? There is no escaping the romance of Bali. Yes, love permeates through the island of the gods, be it in the wonders of nature, firing the glow of a candle at dinner, or by simply […]

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February is The Month of Love or Is It?

Island of Love | Feb 04, 2020

I have two questions to aks about this. Firstly, why? Who was this person, Saint Valentine, who condemned us to a singular focus on love in February? Was he a great romantic, or perhaps a figure of tragedy who died heartbroken? Secondly, what is this thing called love anyway? Let’s start with Saint Valentine. It […]

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Best Wedding Venues in Bali : Tying the Knot in Paradise

Island of Love | Feb 03, 2020

From wedding chapels set amidst the breathtaking cliff tops of the island’s south to those located beachfront and on the green hills, exchanging your vows on an island such as Bali, where romance is celebrated at its best, will leave an everlasting mark on you. These gorgeous wedding venues in Bali will convince you that […]

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The Cosmic Complexities of Balinese Love

Culture | Jan 31, 2020

In Bali, love and indeed sex are more than just about the relationship between two people. It is about the gods, the cosmos, the cycle of life. For most Westerners love oscillates between two poles: on one side there is the romantic meeting of two individuals, and on the other side, the sexual encounter of […]

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