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The Quarantini : A Cocktail for Covid Times

Cook and Mix | Aug 11, 2020

For cocktail fans, mixing up a drink during social isolation or lockdown has been a go-to stress reducer. One cocktail has become popular among mixologists and bartenders as of late, inspired by the pandemic, made for those living through it: The Quarantini ! Article originally published on by Rintang Azhar The drink’s popularity has […]

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‘Kerak Telor’ Recipe: An Indo Street-Food Twist on an Omelette

Cook and Mix | Jul 06, 2020

Continuing our recipes from the nation’s capital, Jakarta, another ‘Betawi’ special is ‘Kerak Telor’, a favourite street-side delight. Kerak telor, meaning ‘egg crust’, is a fried, pancake-like omelette filled with all the goodies and flavours you might find in any Indonesian street food snack, namely sticky rice and coconut! A tasty sweet-meets-savoury culinary creation.  Traditionally, […]

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Soto Betawi: A Classic Dish from The Capital

Cook and Mix | Jun 15, 2020

In celebration of Jakarta’s – Indonesia’s capital city – 493rd Birthday, our sister magazine NOW! Jakarta has put together a list of the all time best ‘Betawi’ cuisine. In this week’s Cook & Mix we share with you one of the all-time classics from the capital, Soto Betawi. Betawi is the term given to the […]

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Recipe for Black Truffle Risotto with Creamy Pan-Seared Scallop

Cook and Mix | Jun 08, 2020

This week’s Cook & Mix presents some French, fine-dining flavours, as Chef Gilles Marx of AMUZ Gourmet – one of Jakarta’s top fine dining restaurants – shares his special recipe for a Pan-Seared Scallop and a Light-Cream, Black Truffle Risotto with Rocket Salad and Shaved Parmesan. New Recipe Every Week!Subscribe to ‘Home Life’, a Monday mailing […]

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Recipe for Twice-Cooked Chicken Drumstick with Pandan and Curry Leaves

Cook and Mix | Jun 01, 2020

The fourth recipe  from Petty Elliott as part of our ‘Cook & Mix’ series, an accomplished cookbook writer and now guest chef to many prestigious dining events around the world. Petty’s passion is in exploring seasonal, modern Indonesian cuisine.  “This is one the best versions of fried chicken ever. I personally try to avoid fried food but it is hard to resist a piece of golden, deep-fried chicken drumstick. It is […]

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Cooking Bakwan Jagung: A Popular Indonesian Snack

Cook and Mix | May 18, 2020

On this week’s ‘Cook & Mix’, we will be sharing with you a recipe to make one of the most beloved Indonesian snacks ever: Bakwan Jagung. Bakwan jagung (or corn fritters) is a deep-fried Indonesian dish that is often regarded as a snack, appetiser or side dish. This corn-based delicacy is typically eaten alongside a […]

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Cooking Caramelised Onion, Pear & Gorgonzola Tart with TWO Islands Wine

Cook and Mix | May 11, 2020

This week’s ‘Cook & Mix’ features a special guest, James Kalleske, the winemaker extraordinaire from Hatten, TWO Islands and Dragonfly Wines. James cooks up a favourite dish of his: Caramelised Onion, Pear & Gorgonzola Tart, made with a splash of TWO Islands’ Pinot Grigio. This is sweet and savoury tart, James explains, is similar to the French-style tartare tatin, or an upside-down tart; he pairs with the Pinot Grigio of TWO Islands because it is crisp, meaning it […]

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Recipe for Ketoprak: Rice Noodles and Vegetable Salad with Peanut Sauce

Cook and Mix | May 04, 2020

The third recipe  from Petty Elliott as part of our ‘Cook & Mix’ series, an accomplished cookbook writer and now guest chef to many prestigious dining events around the world. Petty’s passion is in exploring seasonal, modern Indonesian cuisine.  Ketoprak is a classic dish from Betawi consisting of rice cake, rice noodles and bean sprouts served in peanut sauce. The raw garlic gives this dish a very strong flavour. This dish […]

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Cooking Klepon : A Favourite Indonesian Dessert

Cook and Mix | Apr 27, 2020

In Indonesia, the favourite desserts are often those found in the market, called ‘jajanan pasar’, or market snacks. You may get these at Indonesian restaurants, or perhaps with an Indonesian-twist of a high-tea experience. One of the most popular is ‘klepon’, glutinous rice balls with a sugary filling. Here we share an easy-to-follow recipe for […]

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Learn to Make Sambal : Indonesia’s Favourite Chilli Relish

Cook and Mix | Apr 21, 2020

Oh sambal! It’s a condiment that an Indonesian meal cannot go without. Sambal is chilli relish and anyone who’s eaten at an Indonesian restaurant will notice is bright red colour on the plate, simultaneously warning you and luring you in for another addictive spicy bite.  Subscribe to ‘Home Life’A Monday newsletter with new recipes, movies […]

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