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Early ‘00s Throwback Playlist

Music to the Ears | Apr 27, 2020

From modern R&B, garage rock, to power pop hybrids of past eras, music of the early ‘noughties’ is excitingly diverse yet eclectically cohesive. It saw rockers jamming out to Bon Jovi, starlets moving their hips like Shakira, slick dudes busting rhymes to OutKast; but despite the different ranges of sounds and styles, it all just sounded right […]

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Kaja, Bali’s True North | Episode 3

NOW! Bali Podcast | Apr 21, 2020

In Bali, north has a different meaning. North, or Kaja, is towards the mountain, Mount Agung to be exact. It is the direction towards the spiritual, where the Balinese orient themselves towards. This orientation is found throughout Balinese structures and is all about orienting oneself with the universe.  We bring this podcast to you weekly so please subscribe to […]

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Learn to Make Sambal : Indonesia’s Favourite Chilli Relish

Cook and Mix | Apr 21, 2020

Oh sambal! It’s a condiment that an Indonesian meal cannot go without. Sambal is chilli relish and anyone who’s eaten at an Indonesian restaurant will notice is bright red colour on the plate, simultaneously warning you and luring you in for another addictive spicy bite.  Subscribe to ‘Home Life’A Monday newsletter with new recipes, movies […]

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Yoga at Home with Erin Kindt of Odyssey Mvmt

Health & Wellness | Apr 21, 2020

Are you itching for a yoga session? Well, even though the majority of yoga studios and shalas are closed in Bali, that’s no excuse for getting on your mat and settling into Child’s Pose or enjoying a proper Vinyasa flow! Subscribe to ‘Home Life’A Monday newsletter with new recipes, movies to watch, workouts to try, […]

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Co-Quarantine Cuddles: Best Tales of Love and Romance in Movies

Must Watch Movies | Apr 17, 2020

At times like this, where we are left with no choice but to be in isolation, many people might be separated from loved ones. We should always hold our nearest and dearest close to our hearts, especially now, more than ever. Some people might be lucky enough to be with their loved ones. What better […]

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One-and-done: One Hit Wonders of All-Time

Music to the Ears | Apr 16, 2020

Sometimes it only takes one massive hit to garner a following of billions. This week, we’ve compiled a number of the world’s greatest hits; some you still sing at the top of your lungs, some you may have forgotten after all this time, but all have one thing in common… There’s no science behind what […]

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Laughter is the Best Medicine: Modern Comedies That Will Make You LOL

Must Watch Movies | Apr 13, 2020

They say laughter is the best medicine in the world… and considering the current situation we’re in, we could use a whole lot of laughter to get through the day. Social distancing and staying at home for weeks means very limited socialising. It’s times like these where you begin to forget about the days and […]

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Sundanese Roast Chicken with A Twist

Cook and Mix | Apr 13, 2020

This second recipe also comes from Petty Elliott, an accomplished cookbook writer and now guest chef to many prestigious dining events around the world. Petty’s passion is in exploring seasonal, modern Indonesian cuisine. Did you try cooking up her ‘Ikan Pepes’ dish? With Easter seeing many people cook up a roast – be it chicken, beef or lamb – this week we share a roast recipe which has been given a special Indonesian twist! “Ayam […]

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Keeping the Balance in Bali | Episode 2

NOW! Bali Podcast | Apr 13, 2020

In this second episode of the NOW! Bali Podcast, we share the unique way in which the Balinese Hindu perceive disaster as well as deal with disaster. This is a nice segue into the discussion of ‘balance’: how mankind is at the centre of balance between ‘good’ and ‘evil’; and the purpose of ceremonies and […]

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Party For One: A Self-Isolation Soundtrack

Music to the Ears | Apr 08, 2020

The joys of Friday happy hours and Sunday brunches seem to exist as mere memories. The buzz of beach clubs, whirring motorcycles, and other every day soundtracks are lost and replaced by the humdrum of social distancing. Whilst the world is sitting in collective – seismologically-recorded! – silence, we invite you fill in the void […]

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