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The Greatest Boy Bands of All Time

Music to the Ears | May 11, 2020

Porcelain skin, slick haircuts, and unapologetically cheesy rhymes to romanticise like sonnets; we’re taking a trip down memory lane and reliving every teenage obsession: boy bands. Nothing beats the comfort of handsome young men serenading you through the boombox, telling you what makes you beautiful. Boy band culture is admiring pretty boys singing romantic lyrics […]

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Cooking Caramelised Onion, Pear & Gorgonzola Tart with TWO Islands Wine

Cook and Mix | May 11, 2020

This week’s ‘Cook & Mix’ features a special guest, James Kalleske, the winemaker extraordinaire from Hatten, TWO Islands and Dragonfly Wines. James cooks up a favourite dish of his: Caramelised Onion, Pear & Gorgonzola Tart, made with a splash of TWO Islands’ Pinot Grigio. This is sweet and savoury tart, James explains, is similar to the French-style tartare tatin, or an upside-down tart; he pairs with the Pinot Grigio of TWO Islands because it is crisp, meaning it […]

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Legends of Bali’s Great Temples | Episode 4

NOW! Bali Podcast | May 04, 2020

Did you know, being centuries old, Bali’s great temples have a whole host of wonderful myths and legends surrounding their founding? As with all things in Bali, there is plenty of magic and mysticism involved. In this episode of The NOW! Bali Podcast we share the stories of Tanah Lot Temple (Pura Tanah Lot) and […]

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Best Netflix Gems to Binge-watch During Quarantine

Must Watch Movies | May 04, 2020

As we’re in the second month of quarantine, some of you might already be fed up with the COVID-19 situation and staying indoors for more weeks to come, while some of you introverts are enjoying your me-time at home. If you look at the bright side, this quarantine period is the perfect time to catch […]

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Live From Your Living Room: Favourite Live & Acoustic Tracks on Spotify

Music to the Ears | May 04, 2020

With live gigs and open mic nights out of the picture, some of us not only crave the outside world for social interactions, but the visceral joy of musical engagement. No streaming schedules required, here are our top picks of euphoria-inducing, hauntingly beautiful, live performances on Spotify to soothe your ears from the comfort of […]

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Recipe for Ketoprak: Rice Noodles and Vegetable Salad with Peanut Sauce

Cook and Mix | May 04, 2020

The third recipe  from Petty Elliott as part of our ‘Cook & Mix’ series, an accomplished cookbook writer and now guest chef to many prestigious dining events around the world. Petty’s passion is in exploring seasonal, modern Indonesian cuisine.  Ketoprak is a classic dish from Betawi consisting of rice cake, rice noodles and bean sprouts served in peanut sauce. The raw garlic gives this dish a very strong flavour. This dish […]

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Meditation for Beginners: Get Mindful with These Three Easy Apps

Health & Wellness | Apr 27, 2020

The circumstances in which we’ve all been through into because of Covid-19 are, at the minimum, frustrating. Whole sections of our ‘regular’ lives have been quickly stripped away, from our work schedules, lifestyle needs, daily routines, ability to be social and for many of us, financial security. With many potential stressors bearing down on us, […]

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Cooking Klepon : A Favourite Indonesian Dessert

Cook and Mix | Apr 27, 2020

In Indonesia, the favourite desserts are often those found in the market, called ‘jajanan pasar’, or market snacks. You may get these at Indonesian restaurants, or perhaps with an Indonesian-twist of a high-tea experience. One of the most popular is ‘klepon’, glutinous rice balls with a sugary filling. Here we share an easy-to-follow recipe for […]

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Bali After Covid-19 | Special Episode

NOW! Bali Podcast | Apr 27, 2020

This week on The NOW! Bali Podcast we share a special episode outside of our usual cultural series. NOW! Publisher, Alistair Speirs OBE, takes over the airwaves and shares his thoughts on how Bali (and Indonesia) should recover from the financial fallout of Covid-19. Based on his widely read article ‘After Covid: What Next?’, also […]

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Tomorrowland: Post-Apocalyptic Movies That Remind Us, We’re Actually Okay

Must Watch Movies | Apr 27, 2020

During a global crisis like this, watching post-apocalyptic movies might not seem like the greatest idea, but, hey, not all these films are bleak. The post-apocalyptic genre typically has memorable heroes and stunning landscapes, but most importantly, they offer a timeless look into how society reacts and responds in times of crisis. What’s fascinating about […]

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