Home Life

Songs to Send to Distant Lovers

Home Life | Jun 01, 2020

The best written love songs don’t always carol the joy of romance. Great songwriters since the start of time have penned the ups and downs of being in love that are still revered and echoed today. There are the sunshines and rainbows type, or the gut-wrenching, heartstring-pulling kind; all delicate and gripping to the heart. […]

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Recipe for Twice-Cooked Chicken Drumstick with Pandan and Curry Leaves

Cook and Mix | Jun 01, 2020

The fourth recipe  from Petty Elliott as part of our ‘Cook & Mix’ series, an accomplished cookbook writer and now guest chef to many prestigious dining events around the world. Petty’s passion is in exploring seasonal, modern Indonesian cuisine.  “This is one the best versions of fried chicken ever. I personally try to avoid fried food but it is hard to resist a piece of golden, deep-fried chicken drumstick. It is […]

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The Art of Breathing: 3 Pranayama Techniques to Try at Home

Health & Wellness | Jun 01, 2020

Breathing, whilst an action we do on a daily basis, actually has many healing and wellness properties. When done with the proper technique, just the act of inhaling and exhaling puts the body into different states which are great for both physical and mental health. Want to receive more Wellness Experiences in your inbox? Subscribe […]

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What Will Travelling to Bali be like After Covid-19?

NOW! Bali Podcast | May 30, 2020

Being stuck at home for so long, the dreams of travelling are keeping many people sane. Something to look forward to. No doubt Bali will be high on the list for many — but what will a visit to Bali look be like, post-Covid crisis? Listen to this article on the NOW! Bali Podcast (Episode 8) Available […]

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Promoting Tourism in Bali, Is There a Right Way? | Episode 5

NOW! Bali Podcast | May 18, 2020

More tourists is always good, right? Not always. What if they don’t care about the local culture, or have no curiosity for the history? Then numbers don’t mean anything. So, how can we promote Bali to attract people who DO care? In this episode we explore what promoting Bali ‘the right way’ might look like, […]

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Cooking Bakwan Jagung: A Popular Indonesian Snack

Cook and Mix | May 18, 2020

On this week’s ‘Cook & Mix’, we will be sharing with you a recipe to make one of the most beloved Indonesian snacks ever: Bakwan Jagung. Bakwan jagung (or corn fritters) is a deep-fried Indonesian dish that is often regarded as a snack, appetiser or side dish. This corn-based delicacy is typically eaten alongside a […]

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Fire Up the Grill! Inspiring Movies About Cooking for the Foodies

Must Watch Movies | May 18, 2020

In light of the current situation, a lot of people seem to have taken on cooking. Where many previously depend on restaurant take-outs or Go-Food deliveries, home-cooking is the safer and healthier option for now. Whether you’re a beginner, an expert or someone who is returning to the home-cooking life, it is the perfect chance […]

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How to support your favourite artists during lockdown

Music to the Ears | May 18, 2020

The lockdown may be hard-hitting for some more than others. The creative community has shared the struggle and distress of getting by with or without crisis, and the pandemic makes it no easier for them particularly those who depend on live performances. With cancelled tours and ticket sales halted, here are alternative ways you can […]

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Seeing is Believing: Movies That Will Bend Your Mind

Must Watch Movies | May 11, 2020

These are strange times we are living in. 2020 has been a difficult year, and we’re not even halfway through the year yet. After two months of self-isolation, cramped up in your home, you might find yourself feeling a bit insane. The days all start to feel the same and you begin to lose your […]

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Tourism, Business Ethics and Covid-19 in Bali | Special Episode

NOW! Bali Podcast | May 11, 2020

In this special episode, NOW! Bali Publisher Alistair takes over for another opinion piece. He discusses how businesses who have been successfully profiting in Bali for so many years must recognise this as a time to give back to the island – or at least its people. Alistair shares his thoughts on business ethics and […]

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