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Mood Boosters: Ultimate Feel-good Movies That Will Lift Your Spirits

Must Watch Movies | Jul 07, 2020

They say your inner demons are your own worst enemy, and in these troubling times, it’s easy to be stuck in your thoughts too much and find yourself feeling down. It is times like this that we should remind ourselves to stay positive, keep each other motivated and pray that tomorrow will be a better […]

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When Music Meets Literature: Songs Inspired by Poetry

Music to the Ears | Jul 07, 2020

Whilst stealing by nature carries criminal connotations, musicians (and Picasso) will preach that even the greats will borrow. One might find that, actually, passages from T.S. Eliot canvassing the artistic theft of other’s work actually contributes to the creation of new art. If, like us, you have wondered which comes first: the music or the […]

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A New Vision for Indonesian Tourism

NOW! Bali Podcast | Jul 06, 2020

This week, our Publisher Alistair Speirs takes over the airwaves and shares his thoughts and analysis of tourism, and the new vision that Bali, and in fact all of Indonesia, should embrace in order to re-open the industry in the most effective and efficient way possible going forward.  Listen to Episode 11: Available on your […]

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‘Kerak Telor’ Recipe: An Indo Street-Food Twist on an Omelette

Cook and Mix | Jul 06, 2020

Continuing our recipes from the nation’s capital, Jakarta, another ‘Betawi’ special is ‘Kerak Telor’, a favourite street-side delight. Kerak telor, meaning ‘egg crust’, is a fried, pancake-like omelette filled with all the goodies and flavours you might find in any Indonesian street food snack, namely sticky rice and coconut! A tasty sweet-meets-savoury culinary creation.  Traditionally, […]

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4 Rules for Life, Bali-Style

NOW! Bali Podcast | Jun 22, 2020

“Rules for Life” have become popular book titles in the last few years, with psychologists, sociologist and even celebrities sharing their two-cents on what it takes to live a good life. With that, this latest podcast episode shares what the Balinese Hindu ‘rules for life’ are, focusing on the Purusa Arta, the four principle ‘objects […]

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Back to the Movies: Upcoming Films to Look Forward To

Must Watch Movies | Jun 16, 2020

One of the industries that have suffered the most as a result of the pandemic is the film industry. The outbreak has caused cinemas and movie theatres around the world to be closed down, which in turn has caused the worldwide box office to lose billions of dollars. Film productions have been halted ‘til the […]

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Jazz & Equality: How America’s ‘triumphant music’ helped fuel the Civil Rights Movement

Music to the Ears | Jun 16, 2020

Jazz, as Stanley Crouch wrote, predicted the civil rights movement more than any other art in America. Before it catered to popular audiences, the genesis of jazz has been symbolic to the African-American struggle for racial equality. The message ‘when words fail, music speaks’ by poet Hans Andersen profoundly resonated in jazz music at the […]

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The Consolations of Philosophy (and Philosophers)

Health & Wellness | Jun 16, 2020

I know it’s all necessary and it’s for our good, but aren’t you just getting a little tired of social distancing, constant hand washing, sanitizing, isolation and masking up? The statistics which at first fascinated are now blending in to a morass of under-supply, over-capacity, under-performing, economic doom and gloom, confusion which needs balanced and […]

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Soto Betawi: A Classic Dish from The Capital

Cook and Mix | Jun 15, 2020

In celebration of Jakarta’s – Indonesia’s capital city – 493rd Birthday, our sister magazine NOW! Jakarta has put together a list of the all time best ‘Betawi’ cuisine. In this week’s Cook & Mix we share with you one of the all-time classics from the capital, Soto Betawi. Betawi is the term given to the […]

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Embracing and Celebrating Differences in Bali (& Indonesia)

NOW! Bali Podcast | Jun 09, 2020

This episode’s topic is born out of the social unrest surrounding Black Lives Matter (or BLM), and has inspired us to discuss and explore the ideas of embracing and celebrating differences. Whilst BLM is centred around systemic racism in the US, many countries have their own form of ethnic, cultural or religious oppression. In Indonesia, […]

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