Music to the Ears

Party For One: A Self-Isolation Soundtrack

Music to the Ears | Apr 08, 2020

The joys of Friday happy hours and Sunday brunches seem to exist as mere memories. The buzz of beach clubs, whirring motorcycles, and other every day soundtracks are lost and replaced by the humdrum of social distancing. Whilst the world is sitting in collective – seismologically-recorded! – silence, we invite you fill in the void […]

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Music & Conflict: Songs That Helped Soldiers Through Hard Times

Music to the Ears | Apr 05, 2020

For some veterans of the Vietnam War, their memories aren’t exclusively of guns, powder and violence, but rather about songs and lyrics. The bloody conflict was notoriously divisive, but in turn sparked a new form of resistance: music. Pro-war hawks and pro-peace doves aside, there were songs that gave voice to an era that changed […]

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