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The Art of Breathing: 3 Pranayama Techniques to Try at Home

Health & Wellness | Jun 01, 2020

Breathing, whilst an action we do on a daily basis, actually has many healing and wellness properties. When done with the proper technique, just the act of inhaling and exhaling puts the body into different states which are great for both physical and mental health. Want to receive more Wellness Experiences in your inbox? Subscribe […]

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Meditation for Beginners: Get Mindful with These Three Easy Apps

Health & Wellness | Apr 27, 2020

The circumstances in which we’ve all been through into because of Covid-19 are, at the minimum, frustrating. Whole sections of our ‘regular’ lives have been quickly stripped away, from our work schedules, lifestyle needs, daily routines, ability to be social and for many of us, financial security. With many potential stressors bearing down on us, […]

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Yoga at Home with Erin Kindt of Odyssey Mvmt

Health & Wellness | Apr 21, 2020

Are you itching for a yoga session? Well, even though the majority of yoga studios and shalas are closed in Bali, that’s no excuse for getting on your mat and settling into Child’s Pose or enjoying a proper Vinyasa flow! Subscribe to ‘Home Life’A Monday newsletter with new recipes, movies to watch, workouts to try, […]

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Home Workout by Coach Vincent

Health & Wellness | Apr 05, 2020

Whilst gyms are closed, you’re stuck at home or you’re simply avoiding big crowds, keeping your regular exercise routine at home is hard – that’s why we’ve started this ‘Health & Wellness’ category as part of our ‘Home Life’ series. We know that being home all the time probably means overeating – we’re the same! […]

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