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Puppet Masters and the Power of Myth | Episode 15

NOW! Bali Podcast | Oct 17, 2020

Myths, folklore and stories in general are powerful forces. They are vessels in which morals and life lessons can be shared to societies, thus guiding them in the ‘right’ way of being. Myths are an important part of Balinese culture, mainly through the medium of the shadow puppet performance or ‘wayang kulit’. It is the […]

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The Story of Galungan, Bali’s Most Important Ceremony | Episode 14

NOW! Bali Podcast | Sep 15, 2020

Galungan is one of the most important ceremonies on the Balinese calendar. The exact dates of this auspicious day are calculated through the 210-day Pawukon calendar, where the Galungan period will last 10 days. What makes this ceremony so special? What is its history and origins? Host Eddy Speirs shares the legend behind Galungan and why […]

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How the Old Balinese ‘Experience’ Time | Episode 13

NOW! Bali Podcast | Aug 15, 2020

The way in which the older Balinese perceive time, and remember previous events, is not done in a measured and quantitative way – like we do in today’s world. In this story by Jean Couteau, ‘A Question of Time’, he illustrates the interesting way in which time is experienced by Bali’s older generations. Does it […]

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The Music of Movies: Soundtracks that Make the Movie

Music to the Ears | Aug 12, 2020

Songs and sounds are often overlooked in a movie, when in fact these are key components to the concoction. Beyond the dynamics of excellent actor-director pairings, there is the sonic experience that film directors immerse themselves into, where epic collaborations with sound designers take place. Huge names in film like Gus Van Sant and Studio […]

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The Quarantini : A Cocktail for Covid Times

Cook and Mix | Aug 11, 2020

For cocktail fans, mixing up a drink during social isolation or lockdown has been a go-to stress reducer. One cocktail has become popular among mixologists and bartenders as of late, inspired by the pandemic, made for those living through it: The Quarantini ! Article originally published on nowjakarta.co.id by Rintang Azhar The drink’s popularity has […]

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Sing-A-Long: Best Musical Films of the 21st Century

Must Watch Movies | Aug 11, 2020

Musical films have been around since the 1920s, a genre featuring songs belted out by the characters that are interlaced into the narrative. From the birth of sound to the arrival of jukebox musicals, the musical film genre has always been popular throughout the decades, birthing iconic classics including The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ in […]

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From the Pages to the Screen: Best Film Adaptations Based on Books

Must Watch Movies | Jul 21, 2020

Films take inspiration from countless sources and subjects. It could be inspired by actual events, songs, plays, art or even video games. However, books are oftentimes the most frequently utilised medium for cinematic inspiration. Sometimes film adaptations can be a double-edged sword, you never know what the outcome of adapting a great book to the […]

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Reminiscing the Summer Music Festival Season (and How to Get Your Fix)

Music to the Ears | Jul 21, 2020

A morning dip in the pool, a sunny walk through the park, then apéro by sundown; the long hours of summertime are normally spent sipping sangrias in a sunny back garden. For many, summer days shouldn’t be wasted getting intoxicated without the delights of summer festival plans. These unprecedented times give us no choice but […]

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5 Podcasts To Help You Maintain your Mental Health

Health & Wellness | Jul 20, 2020

Podcasts are the latest trend in media, and are continuing to grow. This ‘on-demand’ audio experience has become a great way to consume meaningful content away from a screen, where people can listen and learn whilst they drive, exercise or maybe just sitting with their eyes closed.  People often go to podcasts for long-form discussions, […]

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Exploring Art in Bali, feat. Richard Horstman

NOW! Bali Podcast | Jul 13, 2020

Art has a long history on the island, and really was one of the early lures for tourism to the island back in the 1920s, since then the art industry has grown and grown and Balinese artists today find themselves on the global art stage.  To help us navigate the interesting art landscape in Bali, […]

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