Wine Tales

Cheese And Wine

Wine Tales | May 15, 2015

Why is it that cheese and wine go so well together? For me, an additional piece of brown bread on the side, and voila, a beautifully crafted dining experience has been simulated! Here is a tasty little scenario for you: Open a bottle of wine, for example a Brunello di Montalcino from Banfi, and slice […]

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My Passion for Wine

Dining | Apr 02, 2015

Dionysus, God of Wines and Intoxication. When people ask me “Harald, why are you still in this wine business? Why haven’t changed course and tried a new line of work?” I always have a little think, ponder, and then I answer, “Dionysus!” Who is this Dionysus, many ask me. Unsurprisingly, not many know of him because […]

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The Art Of The Sabrage

Wine Tales | Feb 27, 2015

Being a Sommelier requires us to know the characteristics of specific wines, to decide which wine goes well with which dish, or how to gauge a guest’s needs and wants. However, the job also requires us to know some practical knowledge too. We must be handy with a corkscrew, know how to decant wine properly, […]

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Trading in The Ever Popular Sauvignon Blanc For The German Riesling

Wine Tales | Feb 04, 2015

Dear Readers of My Inner Voice Like I have done for the last 4 years, I travelled again to Germany, the home of Riesling. Germany however is also my place of birth, and where I began my knowledge of wines. As one travels through the famous wine areas of Germany, they are in fact travelling […]

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