Wine Tales

Cheese And Wine

Wine Tales | May 15, 2015

Why is it that cheese and wine go so well together? For me, an additional piece of brown bread on the side, and voila, a beautifully crafted dining experience has been simulated! Here is a tasty little scenario for you: Open a bottle of wine, for example a Brunello di Montalcino from Banfi, and slice […]

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My Passion for Wine

Dining | Apr 02, 2015

Dionysus, God of Wines and Intoxication. When people ask me “Harald, why are you still in this wine business? Why haven’t changed course and tried a new line of work?” I always have a little think, ponder, and then I answer, “Dionysus!” Who is this Dionysus, many ask me. Unsurprisingly, not many know of him because […]

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The Art Of The Sabrage

Wine Tales | Feb 27, 2015

Being a Sommelier requires us to know the characteristics of specific wines, to decide which wine goes well with which dish, or how to gauge a guest’s needs and wants. However, the job also requires us to know some practical knowledge too. We must be handy with a corkscrew, know how to decant wine properly, […]

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Trading in The Ever Popular Sauvignon Blanc For The German Riesling

Wine Tales | Feb 04, 2015

Dear Readers of My Inner Voice Like I have done for the last 4 years, I travelled again to Germany, the home of Riesling. Germany however is also my place of birth, and where I began my knowledge of wines. As one travels through the famous wine areas of Germany, they are in fact travelling […]

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The Wine Artist

Wine Tales | Dec 29, 2014

He sailed the seas on cruise ships as a waiter, and traveled on foot from his hometown in Germany to Yugoslavia in search of a richer working and life experience. Today you will see him commanding Kayuputi, spreading his knowledge and passion for food and wine to his many Balinese protégés at the restaurant.Harald Wiesmann, […]

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A Little Champagne Fairy Story Or Me

Wine Tales | Dec 01, 2014

Nobody believes it but it does exist, That every Champagne bottle has a champagne fairy They sing like divas and only I In my fantasy world hear them loud.  

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Dear Inner Voice Readers.

Wine Tales | Dec 01, 2014

The year is coming to an end and I truly hope you had a wonderful 2014. The last Inner Voice of the year is always dedicated to Champagne because, as we know it is the traditional drink used to welcome in the New Year by households, restaurants and hotels alike. Therefore I wrote two little […]

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Why Should You Befriend The Restaurant Sommelier?

Wine Tales | Nov 03, 2014

“These days you are increasingly finding more and more restaurants with a sommelier on hand to assist diners with their wine choices. This is a great service for the diner and also for the other staff serving you; however, I believe there are too many guests who are too shy to use this free service […]

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The Food Odyssey thru the Eyes of the Forgotten Menus from the 70th and 80th

Wine Tales | Oct 06, 2014

“When I started to become a waiter in 1972 in Germany. The time was when the countries in Europe became rich from the growing industries and more and more people could effort a wealthy life by having a house, a car, a washing machine and the first holiday in Italy. People felt that the time […]

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A Vision of Private Wine Odyssey

Wine Tales | Sep 08, 2014

A wine cellar for wine lovers; the dream of many I believe. But you should not even think about building a wine cellar if the temperature and humidity are not right. It’s best to start with a fridge before creating a real cellar underground. And as these wines are for private consumption rather than for […]

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