Wine Tales

The Wine Tasting Process

Dining | Apr 18, 2016

“To taste, slurp, inhale, sip, swirl and drink without a bite is like to kiss without joy or to run with a much too heavy body!” After more than 3 years, a new chapter will arrive in my column in NOW! Bali: “what wines did I taste during the month”. As a sommelier, I believe in […]

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Updating a Restaurant’s Wine List

Dining | Mar 26, 2016

When January came, it was time for me to update the wine list at Kayuputi Restaurant at the St.Regis. The completion of my list had to be done by the end of January so that it could be submitted to the Wine Spectator, applying once again for the two glass ‘Best of Award of Excellence’. […]

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Wine Region: Yarra Valley

Dining | Feb 25, 2016

For this sixth time now, myself and selected assistant sommeliers from the St.Regis and the Laguna Resort found our to a wine region not very well known in Indonesia, the Yarra Valley of Victoria, Australia. Now, when I say not so well known, I mean that there aren’t many wines from this area that have […]

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Enriching Your Knowledge of Wine

Wine Tales | Dec 20, 2015

The wine fair I go to the most is in Verona, and it is called Vinitaly. This wine fair is held every beginning of the year. Much like the Vinexpo in Bordeaux where most wineries come locally from France, the Vinitaly in Verona showcases wineries that mostly come from Italy. Other wine fairs on the […]

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The 3 Musicians

Dining | Nov 02, 2015

‘An Insight into Champagne through the eyes of a Barman and Guests’ Ah, Mr. Consul, how nice to see you again. Did you enjoy dinner?” said Josef, the head barman, in his Tyrolean accent with his Austrian charm. “Oh gracious Madame does look healthy, I am so glad to see you again too,” and with a […]

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Sommeliers of Today

Dining | Oct 02, 2015

As you can see from my comments in the letter I wrote to Decanter earlier this year, a real Sommelier wears a certain uniform, and the most important part of that uniform is the apron. Why? Because the apron is also a work tool, meaning it helps us to store our wine opener, pens, matches, […]

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Fallin In Love With Italian Wine

Dining | Sep 03, 2015

If somebody were to ask me what I love about Italian wine, a big smile would spread across my face and my eyes would light up… I love Italian wines just as much I appreciate other great wine producing countries and regions. To understand why I came to love Italian wine so much perhaps I […]

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An Exemplary Wine Dinner

Dining | Aug 03, 2015

This time I would like to write about how to organize a wine and dine event. If you follow all of my rules, you can look forward to a successful and memorable evening. After six years and around 40 wine and dine events at Kayuputi Restaurant at St. Regis Bali Resort and at Arwana Restaurant […]

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Wine Tales | Jul 02, 2015

Having worked in restaurants all over the world for the last 43 years, I would say the most common complaint restaurants receive is about the way in which wine is served. For that reason, I think it’s important for upcoming Indonesian Sommeliers and restaurant managers to be aware of these common issues and know how […]

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The Issue With Points and Sommeliers

Dining | Jun 03, 2015

Have you ever seen a wine list where each wine has a rating (point scale), printed after the prices? It would look like this: Speers, Angelo Gaja, Piedmont, Barbaresco, Italy 2001 WS 98/ RP 95 Mr. Robert Parker, one of the most famous wine writers and critics, rates wines based on his 50 – 100 […]

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