Make Way for Dreamwave Donuts

Dining News | Mar 18, 2020

“The inception of dreams happens in the Dreamwave state.” Making its way through the eat streets of Canggu with a big splash, Dreamwave Donuts is no ordinary doughnut shop. Open since late February 2020, Dreamwave Donuts presents itself as an experience destination, a place to detach from daily life and dive into a multisensory journey […]

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More is Less, Sometimes

Dining | Mar 17, 2020

For some unfortunate reason, I have been tasting “natural wines” the past few months with some serious wine drinkers. It’s the last hipster, eco-friendly, save-the-wine-world trend and since I hate trends, here I am talking about them. Basically, natural wines are ruled by the maximum principle of “nothing is added, and nothing is taken away”, […]

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Decadent Dining on the Island

Dining | Mar 16, 2020

Finesse and mastery in the kitchen, a wine cellar like a treasure chest, hawk-like service and an exquisite dining room atmosphere to bring it all together. It takes a lot to impress the discerning diners who come to Bali, but these fine dining destinations hit the mark. Kayuputi Inside the captivating The St.Regis Bali Resort, […]

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COMO Beach Club Launches ‘Lazy Grazing Sunday Brunch’ in Canggu

Dining News | Mar 11, 2020

Within the peaceful enclave of COMO Uma Canggu, opening up to the popular Batu Bolong beachfront, COMO Beach Club invites you to spend a Sunday afternoon leisurely grazing away with friends and family with the launch of their new brunch experience. Since it opened, COMO Beach Club has always offered a more refined and laid-back […]

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Guilty Pleasures : Crave-Worthy Bites at these Bali Hotspots

Dining | Mar 11, 2020

There are foods out there that ooze and drip, that make you salivate at the very sight of them, that you crave even though you know you shouldn’t. These we call the guilty pleasures. Even those on strict diets have cheat days, so there’s simply no excuse for letting yourself indulge in something this generation […]

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Blue Matcha : Merging Art & Food

Dining | Mar 10, 2020

Open since March 2019, Blue Matcha Kitchen & Art Dining is a hidden gem in the Seminyak culinary scene that presents a unique concept to diners through the combination of art and cuisine. Designed to open minds, stimulate the senses and broaden palates, the menu at Blue Matcha takes inspiration from Asia and around the […]

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Brunch in Bali : Best Weekend Brunches Around the Island

Dining | Mar 06, 2020

When it comes to weekends in Bali, nothing tempts more than a long, leisurely brunch. With grand feasts followed by a sun-soaked lounge by the pool, a Bali-style brunch is hard to beat. Bali’s Longest Brunch Settle in, ladies and gentlemen, because this is going to be an experience. Sundara Bali’s signature ‘Bali’s Longest Brunch’ […]

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Plant-Powered : Plant-Based Dining You’ll Love

Dining | Mar 05, 2020

Food fads have come and crumbled in Bali, but the island’s wellness-centric and ethos-focused gourmands have led to the growing popularity of plant-based dining. Here we uncover some of Bali’s best vegan venues, who showcase true culinary creativity in the field. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food, as Greek physician Hippocrates […]

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Ensō: Bringing People Together One Sushi at a Time

Dining News | Mar 03, 2020

Making its way into Canggu’s vibrant culinary scene, Ensō is a brand-new Japanese restaurant that boasts an eclectic selection of authentic Japanese cuisine in a comfortable and contemporary setting. The name Ensō is inspired by the Japanese calligraphy of a circle which represents togetherness as well as perfection and imperfection. It is in turn derived […]

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Meet Bali’s Mushroom Man : I Gede Artha Sudiarsana

Dining | Mar 03, 2020

I Gede Artha Sudiarsana is a young Balinese entrepreneur; through his self-made mushroom agribusiness, his mission is to inspire other youth to regenerate Indonesia’s agricultural industry. It’s not often you come across a young man who, even before leaving for university, has already planned to go back home. For I Gede Artha Sudiarsana, this was […]

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