Secret Bali

Romancing the Rejang – Bali’s Dance of Enchantment

Secret Bali | Feb 04, 2015

One of Bali’s most beautiful dances – the enchanting Rejang, is a slow stately offering dance most often performed in the inner sanctums of the temple. It is one of Bali’s three truly indigenous dances (barisgede, rejang and mendet, for those interested) and what it lacks in vibrancy, is compensated with great costumes, most of […]

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Seven Secret Place

Secret Bali | Dec 30, 2014

BLANJONG EPIGRAPH The epigraph is actually a victory monument located in the Blanjong area of Sanur. The epigraph tells the story of the victory of King Kesariwarmadewa from the ancient Singadawala Kingdom over the Nusa Penida Kingdom. It is of a round pillar monument not too high, measuring at almost two meters in height with less […]

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