Secret Bali

The Big Odalan

Culture | Oct 02, 2015

It started off sunnily enough. A few of us were invited for the last day of a month long house Piodalan Mempedem Perdagingan Festival – a festival that encompassed the whole extended family as well as the entire village. This celebration was a big one – and the last time it happened was a very […]

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Riding The Bull– Bali Style

Culture | Sep 02, 2015

Have you ever been to a place where teams of tame buffaloes (kerbau pepadu) are dressed up like kings or lions and raced around a dirt track pulling highly decorative little carts? These carts bear jockeys. The brave jockeys stand up like heroes and push their charges to greater speeds. The less brave sit down […]

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Seeing Red in Bungaya

Culture | Aug 03, 2015

What is it about many traditional societies who just love the colour red? Just a few years ago, the inhabitants of Papua’s Baliem Valley would choose a red hundred rupiah note over a higher demomination of a different colour. Red is some kind of energy colour that attracts. In the tiny hamlet of Bungaya, in […]

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Prayers at Pura Kehen

Culture | Jul 02, 2015

Exploring Bali is always a rewarding venture and it is so nice to get out of the fervid south and see what it is that makes this island special. Recently we got word that there was a big ceremony on at Pura Kehen in Bangli – always a great thing for those photographically inclined. Anyone […]

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O Oh Odalan – Bali’s Most Beautiful ( Temple Ceremony )

Culture | Jun 01, 2015

Odalan Ceremonies are the anniversaries of the temples on the island and are very special, large celebrations every year. Learn More: In this island of temples – around 4,539 at last count – there are ceremonies celebrating life almost every day of the year. In the temples and on the quiet beaches you may see […]

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Mountain Time in Kintamani

Culture | May 05, 2015

For some strange reason, Kintamani has remained pretty much a secret, and the reason why is a total mystery. But Kintamani and Mt Batur are truly some of Bali’s most magnificent spectacles. The edge of the huge caldera was once the mountain itself, before an ancient explosion erupted the whole mountain away. In fact when […]

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Bali Aga – Life in a Special Village

Culture | Apr 02, 2015

Just a kilometer or two outside Candidasa is a special place that inhabits a different world. While the modern world continues developing, constantly rushing by in its lemming-like road to destruction, the Bali Aga village of Tenganan continues on at its own placid place almost oblivious and totally disinterested in what lies outside. Until the […]

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Sanur’s Sacral Side

Secret Bali | Feb 27, 2015

A whisper came to me from a friend – a fabulous ceremony would be happening in the PuraDalemKedawatan at the northern end of Sanur. I quickly whispered the news on to a couple of other colleagues and on the appointed day, made my way down to Sanur’s salubrious flatlands. The temple was already busy by […]

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Romancing the Rejang – Bali’s Dance of Enchantment

Secret Bali | Feb 04, 2015

One of Bali’s most beautiful dances – the enchanting Rejang, is a slow stately offering dance most often performed in the inner sanctums of the temple. It is one of Bali’s three truly indigenous dances (barisgede, rejang and mendet, for those interested) and what it lacks in vibrancy, is compensated with great costumes, most of […]

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Seven Secret Place

Secret Bali | Dec 30, 2014

BLANJONG EPIGRAPH The epigraph is actually a victory monument located in the Blanjong area of Sanur. The epigraph tells the story of the victory of King Kesariwarmadewa from the ancient Singadawala Kingdom over the Nusa Penida Kingdom. It is of a round pillar monument not too high, measuring at almost two meters in height with less […]

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