Myth in Bali

Gecko the Home God

Culture | Feb 16, 2019

Gecko may be small, but he had a giant-sized problem; at least according to an interesting Balinese folktale about this lizard. Every night he was awakened by the fireflies outside his window. And when Gecko didn’t get his rest, he got a little grumpy. So he went to Elephant as the head of the village […]

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The Myth About Balinese Dreadlocks

Culture | Jan 07, 2019

Please don’t get fooled by the title, for this is no article on upbeat fashion and style. Rather, this is a story about how one’s path in life – a Balinese man in this case – is determined by his hair. We are talking about dreadlocks, the kind of hairstyle celebrated by the Rastafarians. In […]

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