Myth in Bali

Atma Kesasar: Dangers of a Lost Soul

Culture | May 15, 2020

Did you know, it’s possible for one to ‘lose their soul’ in Bali. From unfinished death rites to falling unconscious, souls can lose their connection and wander among us. In Bali, Hinduism takes a different form from its Indian counterpart. One of the clearest distinctions is their interpretation of reincarnation. In India, depending on one’s […]

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A Bali Myth: Knock-Knock, Who’s There?

Culture | Apr 18, 2020

On the island, if a ‘knock knock’ comes to you late at night, mid-slumber, it might just be a visitor from another realm. .. You may have heard of the old superstition that says hearing three knocks in the dead of night, with seemingly no cause, means death is at your doorstep. You might have […]

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A Balinese Ghost Story

Culture | Mar 19, 2020

According to this Balinese legend, if you witness a white sheet flying towards you, it’s time to run! We’re all familiar with ghost stories. The haunted tales exchanged by the fire after midnight. The one about the creak of floorboards, the mystery of displaced furniture, the distressed ululations of a woman far in the distance. […]

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Madiksa: A Priest’s Second Birth

Culture | Feb 13, 2020

To become a Balinese Hindu high priest, or sulinggih, prospective priests must first go through the madiksa ritual. Some refer to it as a ‘death ritual’, as for the priest to be reborn as a new, cleansed man or woman, he or she must first “die”. A prerequisite to become a Catholic priest is being […]

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How Do the Balinese Choose Their ‘Auspicious’ Days?

Culture | Dec 25, 2019

Here in Bali, a joyous occasion will turn to misery if not celebrated at the right time. It is of utmost important, therefore, that an auspicious day is chosen very carefully for ceremonies and rituals. Never will a Balinese person hold a ceremony without consulting a specialist (in most cases, a priest) to determine the […]

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The Law Enforcement Deities of Belega Village

Culture | Nov 13, 2019

The villagers of Belega in Blahbatuh, Gianyar, have an interesting story to tell to the visitors to the area. It’s about the deities inhabiting Belega’s village temple, Pura Dalem. The Pura Dalem in Belega village may seem like a regular temple found in other villages throughout Bali, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the […]

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Atlas is a Giant Turtle and Two Snakes

Culture | Oct 26, 2019

Greek mythology acknowledges Atlas as a titan condemned to bear the weight of the heavens – often portrayed as a celestial globe – on his shoulders. Balinese mythology, however, begs to differ. Atlas is said to be the one who knows the depths of the whole sea and keeps the tall pillars that hold the […]

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Pawang Hujan : Bali’s Mystic Rain Stoppers

Culture | Sep 11, 2019

With climate change taking effect around the planet, we can now expect to have downpours as early as September here in Bali, when the days are supposed to be sunny. So, in case you’re throwing an outdoor, cliff-edge party this month, you may have to consider involving a little bit of ‘magic’ to make sure […]

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Keris: Bali’s Mystical Dagger

Culture | Aug 26, 2019

The widespread tales that a Keris traditional dagger possesses magical powers that allow it to fly or move by itself, even inside a locked cupboard have fascinated many. When making one, the empu (spiritual person who makes Keris) can infuse into the dagger any spiritual qualities and powers the owner desires.  Many superstitious Keris owners […]

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The Sacred ‘Medal Agung’ Gate

Culture | Jul 27, 2019

The most famous attraction in Klungkung, Kerta Gosa was built in 1686 inside the complex of the Semarapura palace.   Today, Klungkung is mostly known for its Hall of Justice known as Taman Gili Kerta Gosa, a historical site located in the heart of Semarapura, the regency’s capital. Kerta Gosa’s court room is an elevated […]

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