Made in Bali

Gong Kebyar: Beautiful, Fast, Evolving

Culture | Sep 04, 2019

Kebyar means fast, the name Gong Kebyar is given to this genre of music because of its progressive rhythm and rapid tempo. It is one of several genres in the Balinese traditional music scene. Colin McPhee, in his book Music in Bali, wrote that according to his interview with A A Gde Gusti Jelantik, the […]

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Bali Sea Salt : Traditionally Farmed Salt Made in Bali

Made in Bali | Feb 10, 2019

Watch the first episode of ‘Made in Bali’, a mini-documentary series by NOW! Bali, focusing on Bali sea salt and one of its traditional farmers. Bali Sea Salt Farmers Bali sea salt is one of the lesser known produces made on the island. This artisanal salt is not being exported en masse at it continues to be […]

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