Art In Bali

Balinese Painter Gede Mahendra Yasa Honoured in Prestigious Asia-Pacific Art Prize

Art In Bali | Sep 10, 2018

During a recent presentation ceremony at the National Museum of Singapore on the 29th of June, the winners of the Asia-Pacific Breweries Signature Art Prize 2018 were announced. After Paradise Lost #1, a colourful and complex narrative painting of everyday life intertwined with history, by Balinese artist GedeMahendraYasa was short-listed for the prize along with […]

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Meet the Designer of Garuda Wisnu Kencana : Nyoman Nuarta

Art In Bali | Sep 01, 2018

Rising at a height of 121 meters on top of a pedestal, the statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) has finally been completed after 25 years of construction. This landmark icon stands proudly on the top of Ungasan hill, inside the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park area.  The gigantic copper and brass sculpture is of […]

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A Guide to Buying Balinese Art at Auctions

Art In Bali | Aug 20, 2018

Art expert and contirbutor Richard Horstman gives us the ins-and-outs of art in Bali, especially for those looking to buy real art from real Balinese artists. These are best found at official auctions, to which Richard helps us guide our way through such an event: Are you interested in art in Bali? Ever thought of buying at an […]

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Balinese Art Patronage Now & Then

Art In Bali | Jul 17, 2018

Balinese art has a rich and unique history dating back over 400 years. Originally the work of artisans from the East Javanese Majapahit Empire (13-16th Century), this special narrative style of painting expanded into Bali in 1343 when the Majapahit conquered Bali, introducing the Hindu culture, and institutions. A Short History of Balinese Art The Kamasan […]

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Budi Agung Kuswara: Art’s Real Values in Perspective

Art In Bali | Jun 18, 2018

Art plays distinctive and irreplaceable roles within the development of a healthy society. Art offers us opportunities to be inspired, become more educated and aware, as well as to observe the thoughts and feelings of our fellow man. The best contemporary art is essential to our well being, having something important to say about the […]

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liina klauss’ 5000 Lost Soles: Turning Ocean Rubbish into Art

Art In Bali | May 30, 2018

Artist liina klauss, together with Potato Head Beach Club Bali, created a visually stunning installation name ‘5000 soles’ from rubbish that washed up on Seminyak Beach. Their goal, raise awareness of ocean plastic pollution through art.  One hot, global topic at the moment is ocean plastic pollution;  from local organisations right up to the United […]

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The Titian Prize: Recogising Extraordinary Balinese Artistic Talent

Art In Bali | May 28, 2018

The Bali art infrastructure is undergoing important transformation. This renewal is a timely, yet a long and unique process, the intended outcome, however, will be a sustainable art eco system on the island. The benefactors will be new buyers, seasoned collectors, art lovers, the curious, and of course the artists themselves.  The Bali art infrastructure […]

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Dipping in the Kool Aid: Bali Prison Inmates Show Artistic Talents

Art In Bali | Mar 13, 2018

What is the value of human life? How does our society appraise personal endeavour, imagination and creativity when the priority of doctors and medical staff in hospitals is the preservation of life? Governments and penal systems assess prisoners as having little to contribute to community, some electing to terminate the lives of ‘serious offenders’ through […]

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Windee Winata: Focusing on the Mysterious

Art In Bali | Feb 19, 2018

Bali is an extraordinary visual experience, equalled by few other locations on earth. From the spectacular, shimmering landscapes, to the architectural and sculpturally magnificent structures and monuments, the grandeur of festivals and ceremonies, and the grace of the Balinese. It is vibrant and rich in photogenic subjects that incite wonder and euphoria that continually seduces […]

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Bali’s Citra Sasmita: In The Spotlight of Indonesian Contemporary Art

Art In Bali | Jan 29, 2018

The most significant display of contemporary art on the island during 2015 featured many of Bali’s finest artists exhibiting side-by-side with emerging talent. Violent Bali – Bali Art Intervention #1, opened at the Tony Raka Art Gallery, Ubud in November presenting eighty-five works raising issues such as identity, gender and cultural conflicts, and the New […]

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