Art In Bali

Bali’s Local Market on Canvas

Art In Bali | Feb 18, 2020

Local markets are a great source of inspiration for painters in Bali and, as contributor Bruce Granquist explains, these bustling scenes become all the more interesting when painted in the intricate and detailed form of the Batuan painting style. Daily Life Everyday life of Bali, both traditional and contemporary, is a rich source of visual […]

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Wayan Arnata: Traditional Practices Fused with Contemporary Ideas

Art In Bali | Feb 12, 2020

Balinese artist Wayan Arnata first came to my attention in June 2013 in the landmark exhibition ‘Irony in Paradise’ by the collective Sanggar Dewata Indonesia (SDI) at the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) in Ubud, Bali.  ‘Nike Barong’ 2013, Arnata’s mixed media reflection upon the changing nature of the Balinese identity depicted the iconic […]

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Ubud Diary : Bali’s Newest Art Gallery Showcasing the Ubud Style

Art In Bali | Jan 27, 2020

A new art gallery and cultural landmark, Ubud Diary, has opened in Lodtunduh – just south of Ubud – presenting a collection predominantly exhibiting paintings of the Ubud style.  Ubud Diary held its grand opening on the 30th of November, 2019, coinciding also with a book launching of ‘Ubud Diary: Celebrating the Ubud School of […]

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Images of Industriouness in Bali’s Batuan Paintings

Art In Bali | Jan 24, 2020

This month’s painting is a very large work on canvas – 200 cm x 125 cm – by Ida Bagus (IB) Putu Padma. The image to the right is just a detail of the entire painting. The artist who created this vibrant canvas is a member of a family of well known painters. His grandfather […]

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Bentara Budaya Bali Cultural Centre: Bridging Traditions with the Now

Art In Bali | Jan 13, 2020

Bali is a unique meeting point between tradition and modernity. One of its distinctions is its fascinating culture that is, however, under increasing pressure from outside influences and the Indonesian nation-state. Sited in Sukawati, on the main link from Denpasar east to the regency of Karangasem BentaraBudaya Bali Cultural Center plays a vital role in […]

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Art Bali 2019 : An Exploration into Contemporary Art

Art In Bali | Dec 03, 2019

Contemporary art has been defined as art made ‘today’, art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetime. Often confronting and unusual, it can differ significantly from its older, more conventional counterpart – modern art. Contemporary artists express their ideas through paintings, sculptures, site-specific installations, photography, video, new media and technology inspired […]

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Gede Gunada: Artistic Talent from East Bali

Art In Bali | Nov 27, 2019

Balinese contemporary artist Gede Gunada first came to my attention in 2012. He was among a group of four other local artists who participated in the Artists Camp in the Top End of Northern Territory (NT) of Australia in the same year. The project’s mission was to expose the Balinese artists to the raw and […]

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Nyaman Gallery : A New Breed of Art Gallery in Seminyak

Art In Bali | Oct 14, 2019

If you take a stroll along the shopping precincts of Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud, you can quickly become overwhelmed by the presence of commercial art. Art shops line the streets selling all manner of western and locally inspired artworks. Visitors may ponder: “Where can I see the best of the local traditional or contemporary art?” […]

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Kulidan Kitchen Space: Building Community Through Art, Education, Creativity, Activism & Food

Art In Bali | Sep 23, 2019

One of the most satisfying phenomenon’s of Bali’s recent modern development has been the birth of an array of art and creative, multi-purpose spaces that serve as platforms for community co-working and engagement. Kulidan Kitchen Space, a new initiative in the rice fields of the Guwung village, Sukawati, fifteen minutes from Denpasar, is one such […]

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Images of Bali fuse with Old Masters paintings to create landmark pictorials

Art In Bali | Aug 17, 2019

“I approach every magical day here in Bali with gratitude and wonder. Gratitude for having the joyful privilege of living on the gorgeous rice fields north of Ubud,” says Canadian avant-garde filmmaker and photographer Joel Singer who first visited Bali in 1979 and has lived here for the past decade. “I usually awaken with the […]

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