Art In Bali

Bunnybone’s Positive Artistic Response to the Pandemic

Art In Bali | Jan 11, 2021

“The pandemic triggered me to reflect upon the fragility of being and humanity’s vulnerability to the forces of nature. It has had a powerful impact upon my life,” says contemporary Indonesian artist Bianca Timmerman, who lives in Perenenan, South Bali. “The threat of the virus required me to become vigilant and more aware; to endeavour […]

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Recent Ubud Art Auction Proves High Demand for Balinese Art

Art In Bali | Dec 22, 2020

The 2020 pandemic has had a disastrous effect upon the Bali economy. Heavily dependent upon tourism, international travel restrictions continue to impact negatively upon the earning capacity of the majority of the island’s population. Especially hard hit are the artists of Bali. The 21st-century creative economy offers growing opportunities for the younger, tech-savvy generations. Artists […]

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Marmar Herayukti: A Balinese Art-Activitist Inspiring the Next Generation

Art In Bali | Dec 10, 2020

The winds of change are upon us, and 2020 is the benchmark. A revolutionary new generation has dawned upon Bali that is determined to alter the future course of the island. Empowered by the 21st-century digital creative economy, this is a thriving youth ‘movement’ compelled by a strong sense of personal and collective enquiry. One […]

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In Memoriam : Made Wianta

Art In Bali | Nov 18, 2020

Sadness struck Bali’s art community as news spread of the passing of Made Wianta on 13 November 2020, at the age of 70. Made Wianta is considered one of Bali’s most revered contemporary artists, one who broke the mould of Bali’s classical and traditional painting and went beyond any possible creative expectations. His career has […]

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Dodit Artawan: From Photorealism to Pop Art

Art In Bali | Oct 02, 2020

Photorealism painting is a genre that demands extraordinary patience and skill. It involves the artist studying a photograph and then reproducing the image as realistically as possible in another medium, mostly in oil or acrylic paints.  Photorealism painting reached its plateau in popularity in the Indonesian contemporary art world about a decade ago, and Balinese […]

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Jean-Philippe Haure’s Quest for Beauty

Art In Bali | Sep 10, 2020

A timeless artwork radiates undeniable excellence, along with a mysterious potency. It has a unique freshness embodied within it that is enduring, and it remains as vibrant as the day it was made. Such works are the design of genius; equal parts of the extraordinary – skill infused with distinct ideas. They are the result […]

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Meet Soemantri Widagdo, Art Visionary

Art In Bali | Aug 08, 2020

Agent of change, entrepreneur and Balinese art expert Soemantri Widagdo has over the past two decades had a significant influence upon the Bali art world. Volunteer curator and international liaison officer at Ubud’s Museum PuriLukisan for twenty years, following this, in 2016 he established Yayasan TiTian Bali (TiTian Bali Foundation) in Ubud. A not for […]

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Bali’s Art Landscape, Insight from Bali’s Curators

Art In Bali | Aug 07, 2020

Since the Kamasan era, Balinese art has largely been associated with traditional paintings. Army of ART•BALI and art curator Savitri Sastrawan, beg to differ, expressing how this no longer applies and should be detached from popular belief. We take a look at the development of art on the island from the eyes of these ‘caretakers’ […]

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Bali’s Eclectic Art Spaces

Art In Bali | Aug 05, 2020

Away from the larger museums with their timeless – but more static – exhibits, these selected art spaces in Bali showcase the work of contemporary and new artists, presenting the most current snapshot of the island’s art landscape. Besides being home to luxurious resorts, a plethora of pristine beaches and the island’s all-around natural beauty, Bali is imbued with a rich history and heritage in […]

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New Initiatives in Bali’s Creativity

Art In Bali | Aug 05, 2020

During the past century, the Balinese people have graciously welcomed tourists onto the island and shared their unique culture. Rich in practical and philosophical wisdom, the Balinese culture offers a vibrant, attractive ‘alternative’ eastern lifestyle to western cultural practices. Art and culture were the original tourism drawing cards, attracting the initial wave of tourists in […]

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