Art In Bali

The Curious Worlds of Balinese Painter Galung Wiratmaja

Art In Bali | May 10, 2019

Intrigue and mystery are powerful psychological elements when effectively utilised within a painting. The ability to make subtle suggestions in a composition that inspire curiosity and ignite the observer’s imagination reflects a painter who is in full control of his canvas. Colour and form are the potent visual fundamentals of a painting that we respond […]

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Bali Art World Personalities : Meet Ruth Onduko

Art In Bali | Apr 07, 2019

The 2008 GFC (global financial crisis) spelt disaster for the Bali art world. The Indonesian art market, after a record boom, went to bust with collector’s buying immediately slowing, galleries around the island closed, while others wound down their activities. The woes continued with a decrease in tourism and smaller holiday budgets – luxury items […]

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Genesis Creative Center: Indonesia’s First ‘Artists Co-Working Space’ Opens in Bali

Art In Bali | Apr 05, 2019

A brand new take on the ‘co-working’ model now common around the world has just emerged in Bali. Genesis Creative Center, found in the up-and-coming area of Canggu, elevates the co-working concept and applies this to the creative industries, offering a multi-disciplinary space for those working in the arts. Bali is an island of creatives: […]

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Emerging Balinese artists tour Netherlands cities as a part of the TiTian Prize

Art In Bali | Apr 01, 2019

Yayasan TiTian Bali – the TiTian Art Foundation (YTB) – was inaugurated 29 January 2016 at Bentara Budaya Bali Cultural Center, Sukawati. Since its introduction onto the Bali art landscape TiTian, pronounced “titi – an” meaning “stepping-stone” in Balinese, has captured the attention of the Balinese art world with its exceptional program of exhibitions, workshops, […]

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Aswino Aji’s Artistic Observations of the Ego in the Face of Balinese Culture

Art In Bali | Feb 09, 2019

An acute sense of observation is an essential talent for a contemporary artist. The ability to scrutinise and reflect on one’s own conduct and thoughts, along with that of the collective, is a doorway to art rich in meaning. For more than a decade Balinese artist Made Aji Aswino has been an avid onlooker and […]

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Satya Cipta – the Rise of a Unique Female Balinese Talent

Art In Bali | Jan 23, 2019

A beautiful, naked woman with long flowing hair sits legs raised, feet positioned above her head. In her left hand she is holding a red lotus flower covering her groin. “Fragrance” an intimate, yet daring sketch by Balinese artist Satya Cipta ‘speaks’ of the feminine physical, and worldly splendour, and according to the artist, a […]

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Art Bali – The Premiere Event to Position Bali on the Global Art Map

Art In Bali | Dec 20, 2018

The first Art Bali contemporary art exhibition was officially opened by the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani on the 9th of October in Nusa Dua. Held in conjunction with the 2018 annual meetings of the IMF-World Bank Group at Nusa Dua, Art Bali highlighted the works of 39 Balinese, Indonesian […]

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Bali Inspired: Volcom Artists Bring Balinese Art to the Forefront

Art In Bali | Dec 01, 2018

American clothing brand Volcom has made a home in Indonesia, being part of the surf and skate scene 1996. Beyond that, they have embraced local art and culture in Bali with their Bali Inspired Tees. NOW! Bali speaks to two of the Volcom artists from  creative team from Volcom Indonesia who are behind this t-shirt […]

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Empowering Bali’s Women Artists: Futuwonder

Art In Bali | Nov 13, 2018

During the year a small, yet enthusiastic gathering of volunteers set out to make a very significant contribution to Balinese art. “Puan Empu Seni: Edit-a-thon”, was conducted on the 7th of July in Bali within a fun and learning environment at Rumah Sanur-Creative Hub. It was a part of a national drive to increase the amount […]

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DenPasar2018 Art + Design: An Exhibition and Movement

Art In Bali | Oct 17, 2018

During the month of October a unique program of activities was presented by CushCush Gallery (CCG) in Denpasar highlighting the on-going transformation of the city into a modern creative hub that is evolving side-by-side with its cultural and historical icons. Opening on the 5th of October DenPasar2018 Art+Design – An Exhibition & Movement headlined the program […]

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