Revealing Chinese and Balinese Cultural Connections Through Art with Tjandra Kirana

Art In Bali | Jun 24, 2019

One of the most charming characters within the Bali art community is TjandraKirana. Quick with a smile, and always ready to share a light-hearted joke, or a tale, he is gifted with a generous, and effervescent personality.  Born in Denpasar in 1944, of Chinese Indonesian heritage, over the past six decades the well-known, self-taught photographer […]

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The Rejang Dance and its Great Hat Parade

Secret Bali | Jun 22, 2019

One of Bali’s most sacred and ancient dances is the beautiful stately Rejang. Traditionally the dance is performed by village virgins and is performed within the inner sanctums of the temple grounds, re-enacting one of Bali’s great legendary myths of Dewarta Nawasangha about heavenly nymphs and a god’s water supply. And one of the most […]

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Bali: Paradise Replaced?

Culture | Jun 22, 2019

In years past there were several terrorist bombings in Bali which inflicted terrible suffering, they will be remembered as a defining moment in Bali’s history. These atrocities prompted a great deal of soul searching for the Balinese, it made them take a hard look at who they are and what their island is becoming. There […]

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Tenganan Turns it On

Culture | Jun 14, 2019

The residents of Bali’s most famous traditional Bali Aga village like to celebrate and every month of June, they really like to turn it on. During this month the village comes alive as the festival season revs up with dance, ceremony and a host of visual extravaganzas. The month’s celebrations peak, on the 24th and […]

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The Gandrung Dance: A Java-Bali Cultural Connection

Culture | Jun 12, 2019

When people hear of the Gandrung dance, their first thought are often of Banyuwangi, a coastal town on  the eastern tip of East Java. It is the closest town across the Bali Strait when leaving from Gilimanuk, Bali’s most western point. Whilst on the surface Javanese and Balinese cultures look different, deep down many similarities […]

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Banyan Trees and the Cult of Ancestors

Culture | Jun 08, 2019

Indonesia is home to one of the most fantastic trees in the world, the banyan tree, locally known as waringin, a kind of ficus. Apart from its size and surface, the most extraordinary aspect of the banyan is its resilience. When its vines touch the ground, they grow into new roots and trunks, spreading out […]

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June 2019’s Temple Anniversary Calendar

Culture | Jun 02, 2019

Bali has been dubbed the ‘Island of the Gods’, but could just as easily be referred to as the ‘Island of a Thousand Temples’. These temples, being sacred sites for the Balinese Hindus as places of worship, are also important features on the island’s calendar of events and festivities. Bali’s unique calendar system, known as […]

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Past & Present : How Bali Absorbs Cultures

Culture | May 20, 2019

Up to the present day, the Balinese have been remarkably open minded and genuinely curious about the life that has arrived on its shores. They could have reacted with fear and anger towards the attitudes and beliefs introduced to their island, some of which are radically different than their own. This is especially true considering […]

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The Sacred Rituals Behind the Barong Dance

Culture | May 19, 2019

The Barong, a character symbolising ‘good’ in Balinese Hindu belief, and therefore a key figure found in certain Balinese dances. The Barong is the central character of the widely watched Barong Dance. There are many types of Barong, all of which will mimic 4-legged animals, such as a lion, pig or cow. As a holy […]

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The Curious Worlds of Balinese Painter Galung Wiratmaja

Art In Bali | May 10, 2019

Intrigue and mystery are powerful psychological elements when effectively utilised within a painting. The ability to make subtle suggestions in a composition that inspire curiosity and ignite the observer’s imagination reflects a painter who is in full control of his canvas. Colour and form are the potent visual fundamentals of a painting that we respond […]

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