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Into The Blue : Bali’s Best Diving Spots

Coastal Living | Sep 05, 2020

Bali has been a destination for divers since the early 70s, attracting people from all over the world.  With a mesmerising underwater seascape that surrounds the island, – North, South, East, West – diving in Bali offers variety and exotic sea life.  Here are the top 5 dive sites in and around Bali:- Nusa Penida Dive Sites An island off the shore of Bali’s south east coast, Nusa Penida has now made it onto every Bali visitor’s bucket list, known for its particularly ‘Instagramable’ landscapes, cliffs and beaches. Long […]

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North Bali : A Window into the Island’s Past

Coastal Living | Sep 16, 2019

The north coast of Bali provides a window into the island’s past. Here you’ll find a different kind of Bali, a haven for those looking to escape the tourist masses of the island’s south. Once the busiest part of Bali, the island’s north coast is now less explored compared to its southern counterpart. The area […]

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Sail Away with Me : Take a Cruise Around the Islands

Coastal Living | Sep 08, 2019

Pushing off shore into the waves and a warm ocean breeze whilst slowly losing sight of land is a liberating feeling, as if you’re literally sailing away from life’s problems. With the help of enticing backdrops, like the towering Mt.Agung, setting sail in Bali is an experience that exudes a tropical charm, great for couples […]

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South Coast Seduction

Coastal Living | Sep 05, 2019

Happy hours and happy crowds, water sports and five-star resorts – yes Bali’s south coast is where all the action is, where lifestyle and leisure come together for an island experience that beckon many to its shores. From slow-moving Sanur to the new buzz of Canggu and the lavish quarters of Nusa Dua, variety and […]

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Roadtripping Bali’s Rural East Coast

Coastal Living | Sep 04, 2019

The spectacular coastal roads of east Bali are an adventure in their own right, with green hills on one side and stunning cliffs and open ocean views on the other. The east coast of Bali is more than just a haven for divers and snorkelers, the area offers a peek into local livelihoods. From temples […]

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Bali’s Undiscovered West Coast

Coastal Living | Sep 04, 2019

Quiet beaches and empty roads in Bali may seem like a thing of the past with Bali getting more popular every year. The streets today seem to be busying, the beaches lined with places and people, however if you head west you’ll find that the ‘old Bali’ still lives on. Situated at the westernmost tip […]

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Laluna Seaside Essentials: Bali Beachwear You Will Love

Coastal Living | Jul 02, 2018

We’d like to think that comfort should never compromise style, especially during your Bali coastal getaways. From the chic look that effortlessly transforms from sandy beach to beachside restaurants for the ladies, and beachwear that allows the gentlemen to take to the water like the natural fish they are, here’s our stylish picks that will […]

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Coastal Communities: Saving Bali’s Beaches One Piece of Plastic at a Time

Coastal Living | Jun 21, 2018

Bali is facing a waste management crisis. With Indonesia being one of the world’s biggest contributors to ocean plastic, this is a problem. This island has declared a ‘garbage emergency’ after the beaches were inundated with a rising tide of plastic waste. Local communities are working hand-in-hand to keep Bali’s beaches clean. Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia […]

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Sail Away: Bali Cruises To Indulge Out on the Open Sea

Coastal Living | Jun 14, 2018

As travellers, we are always looking for a holiday that provides something more. More fun, more activity more entertainment, more food and more than one destination to explore! Bali is without a doubt one island that offers “more”, so much so that not only does it offer experiences on the island, it also does off the island! […]

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Seabreeze Dining: 12 Bali Beachfront Restaurants You Need To Try

Coastal Living | Jun 12, 2018

June is a perfect month to put the sand between your toes and feel that tropical sea breeze. Picture yourself strolling along a beach, relaxing on silky soft sands, with the gulf of neighbouring islands glistening in the distance while the gentle touch of the ocean air flutters through the nearby palm trees. Keep the […]

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