Bali: The Restart

Eggs in Different Baskets: Reducing Bali’s Dependency on Tourism

Bali: The Restart | Jun 11, 2020

What the last few years has shown us here in Bali is that too much of the island is dependent on one industry: tourism. Are there other industries that are worth exploring and expanding for Bali’s economic future? According to a study by the Indonesia Institue (Monash University), 80 percent of Bali’s GDP is dependent […]

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Slow Tourism: The Way of the Past…and the Future

Bali: The Restart | Jun 10, 2020

When the way we approach our industry with the mantra ‘growth is good’, it sets us on the wrong path. Two tourism experts share how slowing down is actually the way to improve tourism. Do we really want headlines like these for our destinations? “Over tourism still threatens Angkor Wat” – Phnom Penh Post “Skip […]

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Bali Forever: Creating a Sustainable Tourist Economy

Bali: The Restart | Jun 09, 2020

Bali’s tourism industry is passed its carrying capacity. Environmental-economist Sean Nino shares his solutions and vision on how to effectively manage the island’s resources for a greener, more environmentally-friendly future. For the longest time, Bali has measured the success of its tourism industry based on one metric: tourist arrivals. This means that ‘improvement’ is predicated […]

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Is ‘Nature Healing’ in Quiet Bali?

Bali: The Restart | Jun 08, 2020

With the term ‘Nature is Healing’ becoming popular over the internet during Covid-19 lockdowns worldwide, NOW! Bali speaks to environmental experts on the island to see whether this trend was also visible in Bali. The reduction in human activity during the outbreak has reportedly had fascinating impacts. When cities came to a sudden standstill, the […]

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