Bali Coastal Living

Best Beach Clubs in Bali : All Areas Covered

Bali Coastal Living | Jun 29, 2019

The beach clubs in Bali have become the ultimate seaside hubs, a magnet for lovers of the tropical life and the island is home to a few seriously hit hotspots that bring a breath of fresh air to coastal living. So, pick your favourite and settle into a day of beachfront fun The sun is […]

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Temples by the Sea

Bali Coastal Living | Jul 24, 2016

The coastlines of Bali are home to many of the island’s ancient Hindu temples. With grandeur architecture and captivating ocean backdrops, quite a number of these temples are some of the most photographed objects due to their exquisite designs, luring visitors to the island to come and pay a visit to complete their Bali travel […]

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Surf and Turf: Safe Surfing by the Sea

Bali Coastal Living | Jul 15, 2016

At this time of the year, Bali usually boasts great weather that makeswhite sand beaches with its softly lapping waves perfect for a day out in the sun.Although, a day at the beach can be quite monotonous, especially for the kids, so this month we looked into Surf and Turf, where beach club meets water […]

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Sandy Volley Ball

Bali Coastal Living | Jul 11, 2016

Everyone knows what beach volley ball is, but somehow, no one really seems to play it much anymore. The fact is, we’re on an island with hundreds of sandy beaches bathed in sunlight and it is ridiculous people aren’t jumping to the idea of this game. With a little bit of music and a good […]

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Beachfront Delight: 13 Places to Dine By The Sea in Bali

Bali Coastal Living | Jul 09, 2016

There is something special about dining on the beach or by the sea, as a view of the ocean is definitely the perfect backdrop to any meal. Seafood grills, Pan-Asian cuisine, home-made local favourites, or even a mix of Middle Eastern flavours, it doesn’t really matter what’s served on your table, it’s the coastal vibe […]

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ROLE Foundation : Protecting Bali’s Ecosystems

Bali Coastal Living | Jul 04, 2016

NOW! Bali speaks to the ROLE (Rivers, Oceans, Lands, Ecology) Foundation, who since 2007 has recognised the growing social and ecological problems on the island. ROLE tells us more about Bali’s current waste crisis, the global ocean crisis and their newest plans to open their ‘Zero Waste to Oceans’ centre. Despite being a problem everyone […]

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Life on Bali Coasts Through a Lens

Bali Coastal Living | Jun 30, 2016

The coasts of Bali are celebrated for their vibrant life in the fishermen villages, the breathtaking colourful skies during sunsets especially on the south coast, the serene, secret beaches that beg to be explored by responsible travellers, and the some of the best surfs in the world that lure many experienced surfers to ride them. […]

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