Bali’s Biggest Celebrations

Metatah : A Balinese Teeth Filing (Done with Style)

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Oct 09, 2018

Its not every day that some well placed person in Ubud society organises a huge metatah or tooth filing ceremony for her greater family, it was an affair to remember. Without mentioning any names, the event took place at the popular Honeymoon Guest House where twenty two children or young adults had their front teeth filed […]

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Tumpek Wayang: The Lord of Puppets Celebrated

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Jul 13, 2017

The Lord of Puppeteers, Sanghyang Iswara, is honoured when the Balinese Hindus celebrate Tumpek Wayang Day. On this day, puppeteers (Dalang) throughout the island will present offerings to their shadow puppets (wayang kulit) with the intention of honouring the Lord Iswara. The puppets are taken out from their cases to be blessed by their owners and […]

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Hari Raya Kuningan: The Spirits Return to Heaven

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Apr 10, 2017

10 Days after the Galungan ceremonies in Bali, Hari Raya Kuningan takes place. It marks the end of the full Galungan festival. In the Balinese calendar, Kuningan is in fact the third ‘tumpek’ ceremony of the Balinese year, which takes place on the Saturday of the 12th week of the Pakuwon cycle; it should in fact […]

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Explaining Nyepi Day of Silence and the Çaka Calendar

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Mar 28, 2017

How do Westerners open the New Year? With revelry. How do the Balinese open their own New Year. With a full day of silence, called Nyepi. But what is Nyepi exactly? Find Bali’s Nyepi Hotel Packages here.  Bali is indeed a “different” place, with different rules, people and beliefs and we ĺare fortunate to have […]

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Penampahan: The Slaughter Of The Pigs

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Mar 03, 2017

It starts suddenly in the middle of the night, while people are sound asleep. It sounds like the wailing of a milk-lusting baby. But the wailing soon dies out into a whine of despair and a last shriek of death. And, as the first light of dawn is rising on the horizon, other similar squalling […]

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A Balinese Wedding

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Feb 01, 2017

Getting married, for a Balinese, means a huge life-changing event that begins with a big celebration that can take days. A wedding in Balinese tradition doesn’t only involve love between the couple, but it means making a relationship to the whole extended family as well as the institution that is built based on tradition and […]

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Hari Saraswati : Bali’s Celebration of Knowledge

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Jan 19, 2017

Hari Saraswati, or Saraswati Day, is a special day in Bali celebrating Saraswati the Goddess of Knowledge: Bali is unique with its assorted cultural manners that have been recorded in legends and preserved in its religion, Balinese Hinduism. And although the tourism boom and modernisation have set off to sneak their way into many areas […]

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Ngaben: The Celebration of Death

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Dec 22, 2016

For the Balinese, and from their spiritual perspective, death is no less essential to life, for it’s part of a continuous cycle: Birth-life-death. And just like celebrating birth and life, a ceremony will also be performed to send the dead through the transition to the next life (reincarnation). The Balinese cremation ceremony, called Ngaben or […]

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Odalan: When The God’s Descend

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Dec 20, 2016

On this wonderful island of the gods, occupied by thousands of temples, one of the most gorgeous celebrations is Odalan. Each temple celebrates its birthday every 210 days with extra large bookings during the full moons of April and October. Each temple is dressed to the hilt. Gold and white are the preferential colours and […]

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Otonan: Birthday Celebrations The Balinese Way

Bali's Biggest Celebrations | Dec 16, 2016

The majority of the world celebrates a typical birthday in accordance with the Roman Calendar where a year consists 12 months and a month consists of 30 or 31 days, the Balinese Hindu have their own distinctive reference of time, which in turn changes when they celebrate a birthday. First of all, a Balinese Hindu […]

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