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South Coast Seduction

Coastal Living | Sep 05, 2019

Happy hours and happy crowds, water sports and five-star resorts – yes Bali’s south coast is where all the action is, where lifestyle and leisure come together for an island experience that beckon many to its shores. From slow-moving Sanur to the new buzz of Canggu and the lavish quarters of Nusa Dua, variety and […]

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Roadtripping Bali’s Rural East Coast

Coastal Living | Sep 04, 2019

The spectacular coastal roads of east Bali are an adventure in their own right, with green hills on one side and stunning cliffs and open ocean views on the other. The east coast of Bali is more than just a haven for divers and snorkelers, the area offers a peek into local livelihoods. From temples […]

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Bali’s Undiscovered West Coast

Coastal Living | Sep 04, 2019

Quiet beaches and empty roads in Bali may seem like a thing of the past with Bali getting more popular every year. The streets today seem to be busying, the beaches lined with places and people, however if you head west you’ll find that the ‘old Bali’ still lives on. Situated at the westernmost tip […]

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Pura Kahyangan Jagat: Nine Temples of Auspicious Locations

Island of Culture | Aug 01, 2019

Here on the island, there are nine temples known as the Pura Kahyangan Jagat. Meaning the ‘palaces of the gods’, the temples of Kahyangan Jagat are spread across nine cardinal directions (eight wind directions with another being in the centre), aimed to foresee any evil attack from any direction, and repel it.  There’s something special […]

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Bali’s Craftsmen Villages

Island of Culture | Jul 31, 2019

Bali is rich in cultural diversity and to visit one of the traditional villages on the island is to get an up-close look into the wonders and deeply-rooted cultures of the Balinese people, their lifestyle and history. From music and carving to sculpting and painting, culture flourishes in the many traditional villages across Bali. Art […]

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Candidasa : The Otherside of Paradise

Explore Bali | Jul 03, 2019

Bali’s east coast is still a surprise for lots of visitors who never explore the island. This coastal resort that dates back to Bali’s early tourist days has a laid back atmosphere that is missing in the busy south. Long languorous beaches, a divine hinterland and scintillating surprises, tucked away where you would least expect […]

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The Seaweed Farmers of Nusa Lembongan

Where To Go | Jul 02, 2019

“It may look uninviting, but it tastes better than it looks,” said a local seaweed farmer in Nusa Lembongan, Bali, holding a shimmering frond of the green kelp he had just plucked from the warm seawaters. “Really?!” We all go about our daily lives without inquiring, without really caring to find out more. It’s one […]

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Pura Sada Kapal : A Javanaese Mystery in Bali

Explore Bali | Jun 02, 2019

Pura Sada Kapal is perhaps the only temple In Bali that boasts its own, unique architectural style. It features a mixture of mainly Javanese blended with just a little bit of Balinese temple design. Each and every temple in Bali is physically striking in its own respective way. And this one, Pura SadaKapal, built by […]

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When the Night Falls in Bali : Markets, Streetfood and Local Culture

Bali After Dark | Jun 02, 2019

Bali is enchanting with her hidden beaches, rolling hills, and its plethora of activities under the sun. When the night falls, the excitement does not mellow down, for Bali transforms into a destination that affords equally many things to many people. Nightlife in Bali is celebrated for its ethereal charm. During auspicious nights, temples throughout […]

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Backstreet Secrets of Kuta & Sanur

Explore Bali | Apr 30, 2019

For this month’s edition of NOW! Bali, we took the roads less travelled in Kuta and Sanur, learning that there’s more than the beaches and usual cliché hotspots in two of the island’s popular tourists hubs.  Currently two of the most developed areas in Bali, Kuta and Sanur are bursting with life, entertaining visitors to […]

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