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Pura Sada Kapal : A Javanaese Mystery in Bali

Explore Bali | Jun 02, 2019

Pura Sada Kapal is perhaps the only temple In Bali that boasts its own, unique architectural style. It features a mixture of mainly Javanese blended with just a little bit of Balinese temple design. Each and every temple in Bali is physically striking in its own respective way. And this one, Pura SadaKapal, built by […]

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When the Night Falls in Bali : Markets, Streetfood and Local Culture

Bali After Dark | Jun 02, 2019

Bali is enchanting with her hidden beaches, rolling hills, and its plethora of activities under the sun. When the night falls, the excitement does not mellow down, for Bali transforms into a destination that affords equally many things to many people. Nightlife in Bali is celebrated for its ethereal charm. During auspicious nights, temples throughout […]

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Backstreet Secrets of Kuta & Sanur

Explore Bali | Apr 30, 2019

For this month’s edition of NOW! Bali, we took the roads less travelled in Kuta and Sanur, learning that there’s more than the beaches and usual cliché hotspots in two of the island’s popular tourists hubs.  Currently two of the most developed areas in Bali, Kuta and Sanur are bursting with life, entertaining visitors to […]

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Tracing the History of Bali: Religious Tolerance & A King’s Love Affair

Explore Bali | Apr 13, 2019

I was once enticed by Bali. Suffice to say, her charm has once again ensnared me. It isn’t the picturesque natural beauty and living culture that has brought intrigue to me again, and it’s certainly more than the tourist attracts, restaurants and bars, it’s the history of the island’s religion that has piqued my interest. […]

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Jemeluk Bay : Amed’s Favourite Sunset Spot

Where To Go | Apr 01, 2019

The first glimpse of the beautiful Jemeluk Bay has to be from Sunset Point, or for the eager beavers, for sunrise. From this gorgeous elevated viewpoint, you see the whole bay spread before you, while in the background, Bali’s holy mountain, Gunung Agung, shimmers in the morning light. To the north slightly, you see the […]

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Jatiluwih : The Brilliant Greens of Tabanan

Explore Bali | Feb 27, 2019

The enchanting natural beauty that awaits you at Jatiluwih certainly justifies the long drive. The area is still relatively quiet, and to avoid getting lost, bring a map and familiarise yourself ahead of time with two or three of the towns you will encounter along the route.  Rice fields such as those in Tabanan regency […]

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Klenteng : Bali’s Chinese Temples Paint the Island Red

Explore Bali | Jan 31, 2019

Apart from being a time to feast and reunite with family, Chinese New Year is a festivity accompanied by a large array of customs and rituals. This significant holiday is also the time when the Chinese temples, or Klenteng, across Bali celebrate by painting the island red. Among the highlights during Chinese New Year festivities to […]

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Into the Hills of Pupuan, Untouched Bali

Explore Bali | Dec 05, 2018

This beautifully landscaped area is just where to go if you long for tranquility and relaxation, and if you would like to experience Bali in its own special and traditional nature. Despite its natural breathtaking beauty, Pupuan still hasn’t made it to many travellers’ bucket list of places to visit in Bali – I’m guessing […]

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Holy Night in a Land of Spirits

Explore Bali | Dec 05, 2018

Christmas may come as a ‘quiet’ day here in Bali as a predominantly Hindu island. Yet, tucked away in the Jembrana regency side of the almost 20,000-hectare West Bali National Park, one could find a little Christmas surprise package. Yes, the western Bali villages of Palasari and Blimbingsari, areas known as the dwelling place of […]

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Denpasar When the Sun Goes Down

Explore Bali | Nov 05, 2018

When it comes to club hopping and partying the night away, Denpasar may not be the first destination that springs to mind. With that being said, the island’s capital still has places for the night crawlers to head out to as the moon rises.  No skyscrapers or anything metropolitan decorating the city, but Denpasar still […]

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