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Learn the Magic of Balinese Silvermaking with SUNSRI House of Jewelry

Explore Bali | Aug 03, 2019

SUNSRI – House of Jewelry has marked a new era of jewellery craftsmanship in Bali with the reopening of their Art Shop here on the island. Established in 1990, SUNSRI has been crafting jewellery collections that range from ethnic, contemporary, bohemian, minimalist styles and more; and now offering visitors an opportunity to go behind the […]

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Unique Art and Culture Classes in Bali

Island of Culture | Jul 31, 2019

If you’re looking to explore your creativity, these Bali art classes and cultural classes of many types are sure to quench your creative curiosity: Not everyone you meet in Bali is in pursuit of golden hours and sandy beaches. With a compelling cultural core that Ubud and greater Gianyar have to offer, Bali has become […]

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Exercise Your Mind With These Creative Activities in Bali

Explore Bali | Jul 25, 2019

Staying in tune with the brain is as essential as keeping our physical needs in check. Even as a relaxing holiday destination, Bali has activities on offer to challenge your intellect and heighten your creativity. Here are a number of ways you can keep the brain active and stimulated on the island. Escaping a maze […]

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The Rise of Martial Arts in Bali

Explore Bali | Jul 20, 2019

The word ‘martial’ derives from the name Mars, the Roman God of War. The category of sport is designed for one purpose: physically defeating opponents and defending against threats. Each type of martial art possesses its own unique characteristics and styles. With the rising popularity of UFC, all martial arts have seen a huge increase […]

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Fun & Active Experiences You Have to Try in Bali

Explore Bali | Jul 19, 2019

Not everyone relishes the joys of hardcore athletic training. If this sounds like you, there are plenty of other ways to work up a good sweat whilst making the main focus on “fun”. From rafting down the Ayung River to swinging like Tarzan on the hills of Bedugul, you’ll learn that even sightseeing around this […]

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Going Off-Road : Quad Bikes and Tubing

Explore Bali | Jul 13, 2019

Ever wanted to feel like Lara Croft or Indiana Jones? Adventuring through many landscapes and terrains, going off the beaten track, cascading down rivers? Well, Bali’s great outdoors offer many experiences for adventure.  Bali Quad Discovery Tours offers a variety of ways for you to venture through Bali’s wild terrain, including quad biking, buggy rides […]

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The Best Gyms in Bali : Fitness Centres Around the Island

Explore Bali | Jun 28, 2019

Bali is synonymous with healthy living – with surfing, yoga, healthy eating coming together to create a lifestyle centre of wellness. Of course, everyone has their own type of exercise they enjoy and many like to keep it simple with a session at the gym! There are many amazing gyms in Bali and here we share the […]

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5 Bali Bootcamps That Will Kick You Back Into Shape

Explore Bali | Jun 28, 2019

Bali’s summer season is fast approaching and that means getting beach body ready! If you’re not one for a standard workout in the gym, or running on the treadmill, why not mix up your routine and challenge yourself in one of these awesome Bali bootcamps .  Empire Fit Club Bali A boutique fitness facility that provides the most […]

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Shake and Stir: Bali Cocktail Classes You’ll Love

Bali After Dark | Jun 10, 2019

Behind every cocktail, there’s a set of hands and finesse orchestrating the final libation. If you ever find yourself sipping on a classic negroni unknowing of what goes inside the tumbler, shake up your tropical plans with these cocktail making classes and wine programmes to refine your social skills and become the life of the […]

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Diving Tank-Free with Bali Marine Walk

Explore Bali | Jun 03, 2019

Here in Bali, you can witness the dynamic spectacle of underwater life without a heavy oxygen tank on your back.  That’s right, you won’t need to attend a diving school nor get dressed in all your scuba gear – sea walking requires nothing but a waterproof helmet.  Bali Marine Walk is exactly as it sounds, […]

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