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Good Ol’ Padangbai

Where To Go | Mar 01, 2013

Time moves at a slower pace in Padangbai, Karangasem.  Although the sleepy little fishing village boasts a busy port that links Bali and Lombok, it isn’t affected by the rapid development that’s taking place in other tourist destinations around the island.  Visitors to the village are mostly divers and tourists who are looking to get […]

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All-Male Legong Starts A Stampede

Stranger In Paradise | Mar 01, 2013

Backstage before the show I had documented the Japanese wardrobe assistants preening the prime ‘puri cupcake’ lady-boys-for-a-night as deaf mutes waved giant white fans in the airless bunker. Saucy misses painted the boys’ toes scarlet, with true grit, stealing glances at their well-oiled thighs. The two megastar uncles darted in and out, offering advice and […]

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Living in Harmony

Personal Perspective | Mar 01, 2013

Balinese building rules are very strict and adhere to two basic principles. Firstly they must conform to the needs of the gods residing within the building; secondly they must be true reflections of the exact size of the builder/owner. I find this really fascinating.

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not lost bali

Stranger In Paradise | Jan 02, 2013

text and images by Made Wijaya If the wheels start falling off of your home environment — grid-lock traffic, goldilocks real estate invasion from Planet Seahorse, insipient American cultural infiltration (Malls of Mediocrity) — the only response is to show the world that your culture is bigger than the sum of its parts and bring […]

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