Stranger In Paradise

Spiritual Superstar

Stranger In Paradise | Mar 26, 2013

In 1977 he was asked to accompany Queen Elizabeth II through his village. In the years that followed he was part-time mentor to David Attenborough, Mick Jagger and the Blair brothers whose popular film series “Ring of Fire” was made while they were living at Batuan’s house.

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All-Male Legong Starts A Stampede

Stranger In Paradise | Mar 01, 2013

Backstage before the show I had documented the Japanese wardrobe assistants preening the prime ‘puri cupcake’ lady-boys-for-a-night as deaf mutes waved giant white fans in the airless bunker. Saucy misses painted the boys’ toes scarlet, with true grit, stealing glances at their well-oiled thighs. The two megastar uncles darted in and out, offering advice and […]

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not lost bali

Stranger In Paradise | Jan 02, 2013

text and images by Made Wijaya If the wheels start falling off of your home environment — grid-lock traffic, goldilocks real estate invasion from Planet Seahorse, insipient American cultural infiltration (Malls of Mediocrity) — the only response is to show the world that your culture is bigger than the sum of its parts and bring […]

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