Personal Perspective

Reinventing Bali Tourism : A Vision of Creativity, Education and Entrepreneurship

Personal Perspective | Apr 01, 2021

Bali attracts intellectuals, artists, seekers and the inquisitive by the millions. Art, culture and the curiosity to experience an alternative culture initiated the island’s tourism industry over a century ago. 2020 was a benchmark in global social and cultural upheaval representing the dawning of a new age of personal and collective transformation. The pandemic has […]

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Blind : An Illusion of Beauty in Pandemic Bali

Personal Perspective | Feb 16, 2021

Since Covid penetrated the country, I often go to Sanur. I already have a favourite spot there: the soft, empty chairs from the Hotel Sindhu café, right on the beachfront. There, I look pensively out to where the land, sea and sky meet. I contemplate nature, the meaning of life and death. From my favourite […]

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Food for Thought : Is Food Just Fuel?

Explore Bali | Mar 08, 2020

Food. It’s just fuel for our bodies, isn’t it? The stuff we need to ingest to stay alive and well. That defines it all in one short sentence. “The stuff”: we need a certain combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, vitamins and roughage to keep the blood flowing, the cells forming and the brain active. […]

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February is The Month of Love or Is It?

Island of Love | Feb 04, 2020

I have two questions to aks about this. Firstly, why? Who was this person, Saint Valentine, who condemned us to a singular focus on love in February? Was he a great romantic, or perhaps a figure of tragedy who died heartbroken? Secondly, what is this thing called love anyway? Let’s start with Saint Valentine. It […]

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The Future of Bali : Challenges of Over Tourism

Personal Perspective | Dec 30, 2019

Many times voted ‘The Best Island in The World’ Bali has a serious historical reputation to live up to, but at the same time has been recently vilified and castigated across the world first for over development and latterly, waste management, or should I say lack of it! So these mixed messages aptly describe the […]

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The ‘Golden Rule’ Applies to Everything

Explore Bali | Dec 15, 2019

No it’s not a new technology regulation, the Golden Rule is something given to us by Jesus Christ and at this time as we approach the celebration of His birth, it is appropriate to see just how applicable this rule is to literally everything we do, in business, in our families, in our sport, in […]

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Bali’s Traffic Woes

Explore Bali | Nov 10, 2019

I didn’t want to write about traffic again but after the last few days of chaos on the roads of Bali, I have to! Traffic jams spoil holidays and that’s what 6 million people come here for, a holiday, to relax and enjoy their precious free time. But that simply does not involve sitting for […]

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Three Causes of Well-Being in Bali

Explore Bali | Oct 11, 2019

Welcome to Bali where there are many traditions and cultural beliefs. One that I greatly admire and respect is TRI HITA KARANA which translates as “ Three causes of well-being”. No, they are not power, money and love! they are much more meaningful than that. They are: harmony with God, harmony among people and harmony […]

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Why is Waste Wasting So Much of our Time?

Explore Bali | Sep 09, 2019

The two current obsessions of Bali are linked (symbolically  at least). The digital/ social media frenzy, symbolised by www, and the garbage or plastic fixation symbolised by wwww (waste, water and waste water). Maybe the solution is to match them together to create ‘thewastewaterworldwideweb’ project ? Certainly we need to find a solution quickly because […]

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A Love for Art – Is There a ‘Right’ Way?

Explore Bali | Aug 25, 2019

I love art, but I can’t really define it for you since it takes so many forms. But if we stick to the main categories of painting and sculpture,  of literature and poetry, of song and dance, we already have wonderful ways that the human race can define itself and its existence here on earth.  […]

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