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Ideas, Innovation & Inspiration: Indigenous Cuisine

Explore Bali | Feb 06, 2019

Once every two months at the exquisite and atmospheric Som Chai Will Meyrick and David Metcalf will curate unique immersive culinary experiences, enhanced by visual media in the form of photography and film footage with the aim to bring all involved closer to the essence of what it means to be indigenous. Welcome to the […]

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Safari in Sri Lanka

Explore Bali | Jan 27, 2019

Since the ceasefire and end of the Civil War, ‘Safari Holidays’ have made up a big part of Sri Lanka’s travel industry. I had been to Yala some six years previously and had an amazing experience there so I decided to try another park, this time in the north, Wilpattu. Wilpattu is the biggest National […]

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Take The Thai Road with Will Meryick

Explore Bali | Dec 12, 2018

Street Food Traveller and Chef Will Meyrick will be combining his collective passions of cooking and photography and launching a personal photographic gallery at his elegant Thai inspired restaurant, Som Chai. Here a collection of his favourite defining images, including stunning portraits of characters he has captured through his lens, breathtaking rural, costal and urban […]

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Trincomalee: Travels to Sri Lanka with Will Meyrick

Explore Bali | Nov 26, 2018

The challenge to find a holiday destination in July to August is actually more difficult than you’d think, especially when you live on paradise island like Bali, and everything is at your doorstep. We have the school holidays to consider and I do like to get away with the kids, taking them somewhere different each […]

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Celebrating Street Food in Indonesia

Eat Streets of Bali | Oct 02, 2018

Will Meyrick discusses Street Food with NOW Bali. Will is known as the Street Food Chef for his commitment to bringing the history and culture of Indonesian cuisine to a wider audience through his established restaurants. Hujan Locale in Ubud features a broad selection of authentic Indonesian cuisine and Will’s Sarong Group also runs Street […]

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Food Adventures at Will Meyrick’s Canggu Cooking Retreat

Explore Bali | Sep 04, 2018

As someone who grew up enjoying the outdoors, bashing through forests, riding along quiet coastal roads and generally loving the adventure of discovery, I am a real enthusiast for kids finding things out for themselves. I think that too often the magic of simple adventure and discovery is overlooked in preference for manufactured and marketed […]

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Will Meyrick’s Java Bound

Explore Bali | Aug 22, 2018

I love to travel to East Java, I am surprised so few people take the trip from Bali to be honest, I mean, it is easy to get to, there are trains, buses and planes, you can hire a car with or without a driver and in five days see vast changes of character and […]

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Visiting Yogyakarta: Royal Palaces and Rustic Palates

Explore Bali | Jul 21, 2018

Yogyakarta is close enough to Bali that you can afford to take a few days from your island schedule to explore this intriguing part of Java, which, while well known, is often neglected by the Bali bound. To describe the place as rich in arts and culture is just skimming the surface, for one there […]

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Canggu is Cooking! The Latest Cooking Retreat to Hit Bali

Explore Bali | Jun 25, 2018

Established as a bastion of ‘hipsterhood’, led by the stalwart and still standing Deus Ex Machina and embellished, embraced and enhanced by the influx of gluten intolerant, vegan loving, instagram body conscious folks, Canggu’s Hipsterville has been a hub for tourism for nearly a decade.  And, as with every new wave, there is always an […]

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Cycle, Eat and Discover Bali All in One Day

Explore Bali | May 18, 2018

When people think of Bali, familiar images immediately come to mind: Emerald green terraced rice paddies, hipster or surfer culture with long flowing hairs, beards and either custom bikes, boards or the graceful parade of women sashaying through the streets with temple offerings balanced delicately on their heads.  The motivation for all of this, the […]

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