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Green Camp Bali Reopens, Invites You to Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

What To Do | Aug 07, 2020

The urge to reconnect with nature has grown stronger in recent months; time spent at home has had people yearning for the great outdoors. Now, if there’s one destination that knows nature, it’s Green Camp Bali. Found at the famous Green School, Bali, the one-of-a-kind bamboo school touted for its environmental-friendliness and innovation in education, Green […]

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Bali Bucket List: Get Out the South!

Explore Bali | Jul 03, 2020

While it’s still uncertain when Bali’s tourism will revert to normal, the ‘lockdown’ restrictions within the island have slightly been lifted, with residents of the island slowly but surely getting back on their feet and returning to a daily routine. And although many businesses are starting to reopen their doors to the public in this […]

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Bali Bucket List: To the Sea!

Explore Bali | Jun 09, 2020

After being isolated indoors for many months, there’s no doubt that many people are itching to go somewhere open and close to nature. What screams freedom more than the open ocean, where you can dip your toes in the sand, breathe in the fresh, salty sea breeze, bathe under the sun and soak in some […]

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The “Real Bali” Bucket List

Explore Bali | May 08, 2020

When the world opens up again, there’s no doubt that travel will be at the top of the agenda. Being cooped up indoors for weeks on end will set those feelings of wanderlust alight, a heavy itch with only one remedy: get on a plane! When that happens, Bali will be at the top of […]

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Meru Towers: The Principle Shrine of a Temple

Explore Bali | Apr 14, 2020

When you travel around Bali and witness the many temples scattered on the island, you will notice some very distinct architectural features. When it comes to the larger temples, the most impressive feature you will see are the meru, the multi-tiered shrines that tower high-above the rest. The term ‘meru’ is a reference to Mt. […]

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Pura Gaduh Temple: Home of a Giant’s Head

Explore Bali | Apr 10, 2020

Kept in one of the towers of Pura Gaduh in Blahbatuh is a statue of a giant, which legend says had parts chopped off as a peace offering to ease the tension between the temple’s priest and his congregation. Pura Gaduh, or known as Pura Kebo Iwa amongst the locals residing around the temple’s areas, […]

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Food as Medicine : Cooking for Health in Ubud

Explore Bali | Mar 31, 2020

Harnessing the healing benefits of vegan food, this cooking class will teach you how to cook healthy, delicious Indonesian dishes as you discover the wellness properties of local ingredients. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” says Hippocrates, the ‘Father of Medicine’. Changing what you eat at home can be one of […]

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Skulls and Bones in Trunyan Village

Explore Bali | Mar 31, 2020

In one of Bali’s most isolated corners, at the edge of Lake Batur, stands a village home to Bali’s ‘original’ people. Here, in Trunyan, skulls line the sides of the unique burial ground, where bodies and bones are left out in the open for all to see.  Warning: article contains some photos of open graves. […]

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Pura Tanah Lot Temple: Where the Giant Snake Dwells

Explore Bali | Mar 21, 2020

One of Bali’s most visited temples has a remarkable legend, where a powerful priest battles a giant serpent. The revered Pura Tanah Lot is one of Bali’s most visited temples. Year-on-year, Tanah Lot welcomes hordes of people, be it masses of Balinese Hindu pilgrims making their annual visit and prayers here, or the many tourists […]

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Food for Thought : Is Food Just Fuel?

Explore Bali | Mar 08, 2020

Food. It’s just fuel for our bodies, isn’t it? The stuff we need to ingest to stay alive and well. That defines it all in one short sentence. “The stuff”: we need a certain combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, vitamins and roughage to keep the blood flowing, the cells forming and the brain active. […]

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