Break Your Fast with Moringa’s Takjil Island

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Throughout June, Muslims around the world will be fasting for Ramadan – yes, even here in Hindu Bali. When it comes time to break fast (buka puasa), everyone chases after a quick snack known as iftar, or takjil in Indonesia. These are sweet, tasty bites that serve to whet the appetite before really digging into a proper meal – the ‘amuse bouche’ of Ramadan! This season, Moringa, a fusion bistro found along the eat street of Jalan Dewi Sri, is inviting you to break your fast with their ‘Takjil Island’ promotion.

Moringa Bali Takjil Island

Takjil introduced for Ramadan fasters at Moringa Bali

All of the takjil favourites are served up on this buffet of fast breaking: dates (kurma), black sticky rice porridge (bubur ketan hitam), green peal porridge (bubur cacang hijau), Indonesian jellies like cincau, cendol and kolang kaling are available for those who love the traditional offerings

Of course, this being Moringa, where traditional and modern creations fuse together, there are some new contemporary additions that have been made specially by the kitchen team for the occasion. Watermelon balls, crushed cashews and shredded coconuts, homemade strawberry ‘noodle’ jelly, orange ‘caviar’ jelly and apple sago pearls are but some examples. Also, adding a healthy to touch to all they do, chia seeds and fruits are added to the spread.

Moringa Bali Takjil Island

You may like it sweet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be healthy.

The all-you-can-eat Takjil Island is available everyday during the fasting period from 6 – 7.30pm, it is priced at IDR 20,000nett per person if you purchase a main course, or IDR 40,000nett per person for those only after the takjil. Bookings required for groups over 10.

Now if that isn’t something to look forward to whilst you’re fasting, we don’t know what is!

Moringa Eat and Greet
Jalan Dewi Sri no.9A, Kuta, Bali
+62 819 990 9222

More photos of Moringa:

Moringa Bali Takjil Island

Chef Dian Harun (AKA Momo)  prepares the spread

Moringa Bali Takjil Island

Just as colourful as the takjil are the murals of Moringa

Moringa Bali Takjil Island

One last look at the full Takjil Island. 



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