The Birds and the Bees at Kanda Restaurant Sanur

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Where to take the kids when the school is off? Since we are in Bali, going to the beach is probably the best way to spend the day. However, too much vitamin sea can bore the little ones who naturally never stop longing for new things and new places to explore. Why don’t you take them to a safe open area where they can freely run around and parents can chill.


We recently found a hidden fun venue in Sanur. It is Kanda Restaurant. Situated in the bypass Sanur, the restaurant slash birds sanctuary has shockingly been around for two years now. This interesting experience begins as soon as you step through the entrance where blue macaws and cockatoo hang on tree branches and continuously chirp. It feels like being inside a bird park. Some peacocks walking around the garden, the gorgeous males spread their tails, showing off those mesmerising royal blue feathers to attract the female. Some off them are strolling between the restaurant’s tables. Look Up! Some of them are sometimes spotted hanging on the rooftop or on treetops.


Another favourite creature on location are the cute bunnies, lazy tortoise, super active African bird, and busy ducks that live freely in the area. Kids love to help the staff petting and feeding the bunnies or the parrots. At the back is a refreshing garden with live music in the evening and a huge fishpond. Watching the colourful fish swimming in the pond should provide some kind of therapy and surely help sooth your mood.


Wanting to see more birds? Find the secret path to their bird nursery at the back of the restaurant. Kids will get excited to see cockatoos flying around the open-air dome, the macaws, pigeons, and many other birds. The nursery keeper is ready to answer all questions about the birds in the nursery.


The restaurant is beautifully set out in outdoor and semi open-air areas. They also have several indoor sections that are suitable for private dinning and meeting rooms. But our pick for seating are the beanbags by the pool. A perfect place to hang out in between swims with the kids. The venue offers one big pool around 1.5m in depth and a kid’s pool. Who doesn’t like the pool? Especially when you can watch exotic birds hang out around you.


On the weekend, they have regular cooking classes for kids in collaboration with Elite Junior Chef. The menus vary and seat are also limited, so make sure to call up and make reservations. Kids will learn to cook the meal of the day step by step. A chef and assistant guides them during the process. The activity is very good in improving motor skills and letting the kids experience the process of changing raw ingredients into a meal.


Kanda Restaurant
Address: Jalan Kanda No.8, Sanur
Phone: +62 361 472 1728

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