Ayana Brings in 155 Year-Old Japanese Traditional Tea Brand TSUJIRI

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The benefits of green tea are well known; the leaves are packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene and catechin as well as being good for cholesterol control. With this, Ayana Resort and Spa Bali has recently embraced the benefits of green tea and have brought in TSUJIRI, a 155 year-old Japanese traditional tea brand revered in the land from which it hails.

TSUJIRI Indonesia Ayana Bali

TSUJIRI Founder Riemon Tsuji is nothing short of a legend in Japan. Hailing from Kyoto, he had a dream of improving Japan’s tea industry and funded research and development of methods to enhance not only the flavour of tea, but also its benefits. This was the birth of ‘TSUJIRI’ back in 1860.

Using shaded gyukuro tea-leaves from Kyoto’s Uji region, one of the highest grades of tea in Japan, TSUJIRI stone-grinds hand-picked leaves to make a matcha powder that cannot be rivalled. Tradition and innovation come together to create this special brew.

TSUJIRI Ayana Bali

The O-Matcha Set at Damar Terrace, Ayana

This powder can be dissolved into water or milk for a rich, brothy drink, but matcha powder allows for creativity too. From soba noodles to ice cream, this adaptable ingredient means that the benefits of green tea can be applied for many uses and recipes; TSUJIRI’s teas are thus nutritious as well as delicious.

The Ayana Resort is actually the first place in Indonesia to bring in TSUJIRI teas. In the peaceful garden-style lounge of Ayana’s Damar Terrace – not unlike the zen gardens of Japan! – you can enjoy an array of TSUJIRI teas and bites. From TSUJIRI Shaved ice, to Parfait and even a TSUJIRI Float – of course, a classic cup of matcha tea is on offer too so that you can steep in the tea’s rich history.

Damar Terrace Ayana Resort

The zen garden-like Damar Terrace at Ayana


Tsujiri Ayana Bali 2

Some matcha creations: TSUJURI Parfait (left) and a TSUJIRI Float (right)

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