As a parent, coming to Bali is actually quite comforting as the island offers various activities for kids and the whole family. While some activities require a budget, a day on the beach is fun and free!

Although, not every beach in Bali is child-friendly. Parents need to take many things into consideration: if the sand is clean, the water and waves are safe for swimming, is food available nearby and are there clean toilet to use? Without a doubt, the beaches in Nusa Dua tick all the boxes and offer calm, crystal-clear waters, and white sandy beaches for the children to enjoy.

Nusa Dua is known predominantly for housing many of Bali’s large, luxury resorts, found in the Bali Tourism & Development (BTDC) complex. The huge, meticulously manicured compound is home to many different facilities, from high-end hotels and resorts, convention centres, the Bali Collection shopping centre, a cultural park, museums and more. Within the vast, green, pedestrian-friendly area, the beaches too are well maintained. 

The name Nusa Dua refers to two islets on the eastern-facing shores of the area. The long stretches of beach between and either side of the islets are the idle spots for a day out with the children. The beaches are exceptionally clean and are perfect for family lounging under the sun, building sand castles or paddling in the the shallow, calm waters.

Some families bring food their own food, thinking to make a picnic on the beach. Of course, the beachfront is lined with restaurants too. One such destination is Ayodya Beach Club and Grill, on Mengiat Beach, which you’ll spot from their many colourful bean bags and tent-like lounge-spots spilling out on the beach. They are one of the only venues that can host guests directly on the beach itself. 

The venue opens early in the morning, so those early risers can actually come for breakfast on the beach with the whole family, but they open all through lunch dinner. On the menu is a whole variety of food, from Indonesian cuisine, Italian, Indian, barbecue bites, beach pizzas and much, much more. Even the fussiest of eaters will find something they’ll love here. 

You can choose to unwind on the beanbags as your little one plays in the sand, or lies on the beach mat on the grass that sprawls out between the beach and restaurant building. Whilst the ocean is there to jump into, the comfort of Ayodya Beach Club’s swimming pool is surely something kids won’t refuse. Filled with animal-shaped floaties and playthings, they’ll be entertained for hours. 

With food, entertainment, a place to relax — and of course all the modern conveniences you will expect from a big resort — the laidback and casual Ayodya Beach Club and Grill is a great spot for the whole family. It’s a holiday after all, take out all of life’s stresses and keep things easy! 

Ayodya Beach Club and Grill
Jalan Pantai Mengiat, Nusa Dua
+62 361 7711102

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