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The Mountain Mamas

Our Bali Heroes | Sep 10, 2019

Up on a Tabanan mountain, a group of local women are offering a solution to re-use and reduce waste not only in their home village of Wanagiri Kauh, but everywhere in Bali. Whether you are in Kuta or rural Singaraja, it is not uncommon to see plastic bags in places they don’t belong – stuck […]

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‘Bye Bye Plastic Bags’ Opens Office Showcasing Bali’s Sustainable Solutions

What's On | Dec 19, 2020

On one of Bali’s quaint and rural roads leading to Seseh Beach, on the fringes of development, a plot of land catches the eyes of the locals and frequenting scooter-riding surfers. Five shipping containers are stacked beside and atop each other, standing on stilts above a garden in its early stages. Solar panels line the […]

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Locally Sourced, Sustainably Produced

A Culinary Journey | Apr 01, 2019

Those may remember a time when ‘imported’ products were the sign of a good restaurant. The top spots would boast of their imported French cheeses, Australian beef, asparagus from Peru, and so on. Now, the tables have turned. Restaurants have turned their heads to locally grown produce in favour of supporting farmers, small businesses, as […]

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