6 Bali Bootcamps That Will Kick You Back Into Shape

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Bali’s summer season is fast approaching and that means getting beach body ready! If you’re not one for a standard workout in the gym, or running on the treadmill, why not mix up your routine and challenge yourself in one of these awesome Bali bootcamps . 

Empire Fit Club Bali

A boutique fitness facility that provides the most unique fitness experience, Empire Fit Club Bali specialises in bootcamp-style exercises and retreats. A whole range of holistic exercise routines are offered, including bootcamp, obstacle courses, bodyweight training, strength training, circuit training and yoga, complete with high-quality fitness equipment and views out over rice fields – now that’s a workout experience only Bali can offer! 

Founded by former United States Marine, Elbert Tiwa, you can be sure of a great workout. However at Empire you challenge and compete against yourself; they’ll help you push yourself beyond your own limits.  This is exactly what Empire’s 60-minute, high-intensity bootcamp session will do. Combining the best elements of resistance training and cardiovascular endurance, each session will enable you to increase your strength and aerobic capacity. These sessions will also focus on fun partner workouts to keep you engaged. Whilst the workouts are hard, Empire Fit Club Bali has gathered a positive community and culture, making it an enjoyable work out experience for all. A favourite of Bali bootcamps on offer.

Empire Fit Club Bali
Jalan Raya Kedampang 88A, Kerobokan 
+62 812 3999 8122

Kompact Fitness Bali

As its name suggests, Kompact Fitness is about fast, hard-hitting sessions that get the heart pumping and have you working up a sweat in no time!

Conveniently located above Livingstone Cafe on Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak, Kompact fitness is an ultra efficient fitness centre focused on group classes. The space houses 2 main areas: studio and spin room. In the studio, numerous classes take place, including Cardio-Box, Bootcamp and Power Up, each with their own objectives. In the spin room, K-Cycle (45-mins) and Accelerate (30-mins intense) takes place. The classes range between 30mins to 60mins, aimed at being efficient fitness blasts that anyone can fit into their daily schedule.

The classes are held by professional trainers, experts in their fields. Kompact Fitness Bali has created their own community – or family even – that consistently join classes, making a positive environment to work out in. All levels are welcome, the only competition is yourself!  

Kompact Fitness Bali
Jl. Petitenget 88x,
Seminyak, Bali

2befit Bali

Conducted by experienced and qualified trainers, 2befit Bali Bootcamp is an outdoor fitness workout group designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals.

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With a balance mix of cardio, strength and interval training, the trainers will put you through a tough, sandy workout using sacks filled with sand, battle ropes, tyres, and your own bodyweight. Whether you are a seasoned bootcamp warrior, a first-timer, all fitness levels are welcome! The trainers are standing by to correct your techniques and challeng you based on your grit, maximising your training results. Their programs are based on challenging, fun and functional training methods to address all aspects of your health and fitness. Combining the sand and the sun to take your workout to the next level, this is the most effective way to lose serious weight in only an hour!

To participate, booking is not mandatory. You can simply pop up at the beach with your towel and water. After that, be prepared to sweat and have fun for the ultimate workouts. However, since this is an outdoor activity, the classes are weather dependant. 2Befit Bali organises regular bootcamps in Batu Bolong Beach, Sanur Beach and Taman Bhagawan. Please contact them to get detail of time and day. Great for those looking for a beach-centred Bali bootcamps.

W : www.2befitbali.com

Cross Fit Wanderlust

The philosophy behind CrossFit Wanderlust’s training is an all inclusive lifestyle change. Their program is distinctive, if not unique, in its focus on maximising the neuroendocrine response, developing power, cross-training with multiple training modalities, constant training and practice with functional movements, and the development of successful diet strategies.

Wanderlust’s Movement class teaches full body awareness, mobility, balance, ring work, gymnastics, stretching and above all new and powerful ways of full body movements and patterns. This class is open to all levels and will complement all other fitness programs. The emphasis is on mobility drills to increase your range of motion, gymnastics training to develop strength and coordination. Then, agility to optimise your ability to move. 

Alternatively, Wanderlust’s METCON classes are geared towards those looking for lighter weightlifting but still earning a huge calorie-burning 30+ min sweat-fest. You wont find any olympic lifting here. These classes are designed to be more aerobic based in nature, but will also include HIIT principles, TABATA, and a wide array of methodologies to insure hitting all cardiovascular pathways.

CrossFit Wanderlust
Jalan Raya Padonan No.6, Canggu
+62 878 6156 8934

Ultimate Fitness Holiday

One of the Bali bootcamps great for holiday-goers is Ultimate Fitness Holiday, an intensive fitness program suited for all ages, any gender and a variety of fitness levels. What you can achieve depends on how far you would dedicate yourself into the program.

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But, even short-term participants get the benefits from the intensive workouts and personal attention from expert fitness trainers. The program is suitable to increase cardio fitness, muscle mass, help with weight loss, flexibility or just toning up! By combining instinctive, natural and functional movements with science-based highly efficient training programs, Ultimate Fitness Holiday offers the best of what your body deserves. Providing the space, the equipment and the expert coaching, you just simply need to show up and go full out. Worry not to spend hours in the gym every day because their constantly varied programs make sure you will rarely do the same workout. A workout will be provided for you that is scalable to suit your fitness level.

Ultimate Fitness Holiday has its own effective methods at identifying ways of reaching health and fitness goals in a faster way. If you want to make big changes in a very little time, you will get the support needed from the best personal fitness trainers on the island to make you focus on your goal. Their professional roster of cross fit trainers will push you to your limits and make you the best you can be. If you only want their training program to focus on Cross Fit, there are two group training sessions lasting one hour each per day, plus a full six hours of open gym access for you to work on your own training plan as devised by your personal trainer. Please check on their website for the schedule. Your personal training sessions happens one time per week during the open gym access. This a great tourist option of Bali bootcamps.

W : www.ultimatefitnessholiday.com

S2S CrossFit

Introducing an elite method of exercise and nutrition, S2S CrossFit is the island’s first CrossFit gym that combines community and sport science to transform minds and bodies.

No two-days are the same as they make creative exercise programs that involve cardio, plyometrics, strength training, some elements of gymnastics that takes place indoor, outdoor, and sometimes at the beach. However, as we realise it, even the best workout program and diet habit would not work if one does not stick to it in long-term. Therefore, instead of focusing solely on eating and exercising, S2S CrossFit prioritises community and fostering friendships for members to get fit and healthy permanently. This is done through fun competitions, celebrating life events, BBQ gatherings and group outings. The idea is that the tighter the community gets, the more support the members would get to reach seemingly impossible goals.

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S2S CrossFit offers dual-location membership, Fit food meals, fitness holiday packages, beach workouts, seminars, and many more. They customise their workouts based on individuals’ goals, needs, and level of experience but done in a small group to keep members accountable to one another, therefore leading to permanent healthy lifestyle. S2S CrossFit is located in Canggu at their boutique semi-outdoor gym, but the one in Jimbaran has its own wow factor with 5,000 sqm at the beachside that includes indoor gym, soccer field, volleyball court, basketball court, and open mat space for yoga. If you’re looking for a fun community and not just any old Bali bootcamps to be a part of, S2S is a great fit.

W : www.s2scrossfit.com

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