Uniquely Bali: Creating a Balinese Business

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There are so many things “right” about Bali, even in its current state of “perpetual preparedness” for the expected big bang from Mount Agung, but I do just want to reflect a little on not the encroachment of “western culture” and values on Bali but the attitude which so many of these bringing it to Bali have.

Photo by Kartika D Suardana

Photo by Kartika D Suardana

Let’s be very honest here, Bali was beautiful, natural, exotic, mystical, peaceful, tropical and delightful before any of the current mob of business people arrived, and (hopefully) could go back to that idyllic state if all left!

The point is this. It is nice to have a huge variety of cuisine on the island: French, Italian, Chinese, Indian and increasingly, organic, natural, healthy, vegan, etc., but it’s not necessary. It is nice to be able to go to a theme park, playground, etc. but it is also not necessary. It is nice to have shops, malls and boutiques, but it is not necessary. Please everyone make this real distinction.

I classify businesses in Bali in two distinct ways: those that have come to help Bali, and those that have come to help themselves. It would be great if all businesses coming to Bali came with a real recognition that their brand and their values are benefitting from, and at the same time diminishing the amazing brand and values that Bali already has. Please think about that before your next purchase in Bali, and make the right decision.

Bali needs innovative businesses and visionary people to come and enhance Bali’s brands, not replace them with their values. There is some great stuff being done but please always remember that this is Bali and Bali belongs to the Balinese. Let’s keep things uniquely Bali.

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