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Indulge | Written By, Kartika D. Suardana | October 2nd, 2015

It’s Friday afternoon and some kids are having a blast practicing their latest skateboard moves at Donkey Skatepark in Sunset Road. The clacking sound of the boards meeting the road surface makes a harmonious soundtrack that fits well with the scene. I’m here to meet Cody Young, sthe skateboarding instructor at Thumbs Up Bali, a company which promotes active lives and is specifically dedicated to providing positive and fun sport activities for children.

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When I arrive, Cody is helping Tate, a curly haired 9 year old, practice on a short half pipe. Occasionally, Cody offers him a helping hand so that Tate can balance while the wheels roll up and down the half pipe.

Tate has been skateboarding for a while and he has mastered some basic tricks. According to Cody, Tate is now at intermediate level.

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Once Tate feels comfortable rolling by himself, Cody turns to Stepan, a 7 year-old Russian boy. “He is in the transition from beginner level to intermediate,” explains Cody. On the other side of the park, Edo, another instructor from Thumbs Up Bali, is giving guidance to Duma, a beginner.

Thumbs Up Bali opens their skateboard lessons for every child. Lessons normally take place every Friday at 3.30pm at Donkey Skatepark.

However, private lessons are available any day with reservation in advance. Cody and his team commit to a student to trainer ratio of 3:1 in all of their lessons to maximise productivity and ensure the safety of the students.

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According to Cody, the first thing the children need to learn is to look around and be aware of what’s going on around them when they are in the skate park so that they don’t get into accidents. That’s also the reason why a minimum age of 6 is required to join the lesson.

For kids who are new to skate boarding, the lesson usually starts with basics like where to put your feet, learning little “tic-tacs,” going “left-right-left-right” with the board, how to balance on the “tail” and how to come back down, and eventually how to ride the ramps with an instructor, how to master the half pipe and finally how to do more complex skateboard tricks.

Thumbs Up Bali
Jalan Gunung Salak Gang Lantang Sari No. 15
Phone: 0857 393 626 84

Photos By Nikka A. Gunadharma

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