Along the developing coastal highway of Ida Bagus Mantra which stretches from Sanur up the east coast region of Gianyar, there is a special local industry that continues. Here, there are coastal communities that sustain their lives from what the ocean provides, they are the sea salt farmers of Bali. 

Salt Farmers of Bali

The special Bali salt farms


The small salt farm consists of flat terrain by the beach, where seawater, after being collected from the ocean, is left to evaporate leaving salt crystals behind, which are then collected in a series of wooden containers.

Salt Farmers of BaliA heavy load to carry…

To collect the seawater, the workers there carry two baskets that are connected by a long strip of bamboo across their shoulders. They will then spray the seawater onto the flat terrain, making it muddy. Just to see it shimmer in the sunlight is quite lovely, but aside from this, it is also fascinating to watch how the salt is harvested.

You can find a small hut in the area, used by the workers to store the salt before being packed and sent to suppliers. Visitors to the salt farm can also purchase a bag of the sea salt for less that USD 5 – it should be enough for months of home supply.

Salt Farmers of BaliBali’s very own sea salt

If you want to see the sea salt farms of Bali, head east down Ida Bagus Mantra Road and stop at the Bat Cave (Pura Goa Lawah is also worth a visit), search for Pantai Saba, or Saba Beach.

Announcement: Speaking of sea salt, keep an eye out for Bali’s newest seaside restaurant called SeaSalt, soon to hit the shores of Seminyak Beach! Think of the sprays of the ocean and a coastal breeze, tie together with the fresh flavours of the sea. It opens 20 May 2017:-

Seasalt Alila Seminyak Opening




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