SPAS TEXT BY SARAH PREWITT  At the NOW! Bali spa desk the discussion of our favorite spa is never ending, we have so many! But when we considered if we were to narrow it down to the very top destinations, and imagine for a moment that instead of living here we had limited time, we came up with this, our personal best of the best… When you are in the mood for romance or a soulful pampering head to DaLa Spa, either at their Kuta location at the beautiful Villa De Daun or up in Ubud at Alaya. They can take you away to a special place with their royal treatments, gorgeous facials and timeless ambience. The atmosphere in both places is one of calm and wistfulness for an era gone by that reaches right to the heart of good spa treatments.

At the NOW! Bali spa desk the discussion of our favorite spa is never ending, we have so many! But when we considered if we were to narrow it down to the very top destinations, and imagine for a moment that instead of living here we had limited time, we came up with this, our personal best of the best… When you are in the mood for romance or a soulful pampering head to DaLa Spa, either at their Kuta location at the beautiful Villa De Daun or up in Ubud at Alaya. They can take you away to a special place with their royal treatments, gorgeous facials and timeless ambience. The atmosphere in both places is one of calm and wistfulness for an era gone by that reaches right to the heart of good spa treatments.




For the exotic indulgence of the East, slip into Prana spa to experience the luxury of perfumed rooms, deep thick carpets and the ambience of an ancient palace where you are treated as an honored guest, anointed with the oils of sandalwood and rose, bathed in the softness of petals and cleansed with cooling balms and fl oral scented yoghurts. Try the Shirodaratreatment and experience the elevation of the soul as warm oil caresses your forehead, opening up your mind to the wilds of the imagination.





Awaken your chakras at the Kriya Spa Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua by taking one of their Ayurvedic treatments that will restore your physical and mental balance while increasing your sense of harmony both within and without. The contemporary design with its emphasis on fl owing water enhances the experience as within the walls of the spa you can let the rest of the
world dissolve while you enjoy ancient healings like the Katee Basti treatment. This treatment uses warm oil and kneaded black dough to release tension in the spine and musculature of the body.




For fantasy we love the Mango Tree Spa at Kupu Kupu Barong Resort by L’Occitane, the sheer indulgence of fresh products that combine the purity of Provence with the tropical splendor of Bali and are delivered in a Mango Tree. The property is a stunning cascade of terraces and the view from the spa elevates in such a way that you feel free and unencumbered from the moment you enter. It creates a liberating sensation just to be there and the expert techniques of the therapists let your spirit soar.




There are days when we all crave a new beginning, a cleansing treatment and at the Away Spa at the W Bali this need can be met 24 hours a day. The NOW! Bali team has been known to dive into the W Away Spa just for the rejuvenation of the oxygen room and to clear the cobwebs after a long session of deadlines and meetings. We love the clean freshness of the space, the lively nature of the staff , the uplifting aroma of lemongrass and that feeling you get of being completely renewed through the treatments, the products and upbeat attention of the staff who off er smiles at every opportunity. It is a place you can feel good in, even when you think you have been bad… and we find it inspires us to adhere to a healthy life-style despite the temptations of the island to live otherwise. Our favorites are the Zen Balancing that uses Bamboo to achieve amazing results of stretching and revitalization and the Raw Energy treatment – this one is a kickstarter to any new health regime and a perfect way to bring on the new health routines we so often desire but neglect.




Our team has been in love with the Maya Ubud for many years, and over those years many have tried to imitate but no one has come close to encapsulating the ‘at one with nature’ experience in such comfort and style as the Maya. The Maya offers a product range for facials that is among the best on the island and their meticulous care is much appreciated, we like that the Maya know that men deserve pampering too and create specific treatment menus for their male guests..





The Banyan Tree in Ungasan is another back to nature favorite. With its windswept coastal vegetation and hideaway appeal, this is a perfect spa for both tropical seasons and with the advantage of living here it has become one of our favorite wet season retreats. There is nothing nicer than having a warm and invigorating massage treatment while the wild weather whips up the branches outside, except perhaps having the treatment at sunset on a beautiful day and watching the world turn day-glo as you release tensions and surrender to the calm of a Banyan Tree “Andalas Beauty” treatment – Indonesian themed this treatment uses candle nut and coconut to deeply moisten and soften the skin.



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