Sop Buntut Madness! 9 Types of Oxtail Dishes at Dhanya Restaurant

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Are you a fan of oxtail? Well, then you’d probably like to dive into the 9 different types of oxtail dishes being served at Dhanya Restaurant. 

Sop Buntut Golden Tulip Bali

The classic, hearty Oxtail soup!

Oxtail is an Indonesian delicacy, popular around the archipelago with different regions cooking and preparing it in their own special way. The meat of a tail of a cow or ox is fatty, making it perfect for flavourful, fragrant broths, stocks and soups. What’s more, as it is often cooked with the bone, the marrow adds to the richness of the broth it is cooked in. Once associated with diets of the poor, this  (once) cheaper meat has grown in popularity with its recognition as a real palate pleaser.

So, Dhanya Restaurant has decided to put oxtail into the limelight with their Sop Buntut Festival, featuring a total of 9 delicious dishes with oxtail as its main agenda. What are the 9 chosen dishes?

Sop Buntut Golden Tulip Bali

The fried oxtail, for those who like it crispy

You can choose from the most popular Indonesian oxtail dish, ‘Sop Buntut’ or Oxtail Soup; there is a Crispy Oxtail, Fried Oxtail, Grilled Oxtail, Oxtail in hot and spicy dabu-dabu, Oxtail steamed in banana leaf, Oxtail Noodle Soup, Oxtail in Spicy Sambal Plecing (special chilli paste) and Oxtail Green Fried Rice. All of the dishes are cooked with local vegetables and fresh ingredients.

So, which one will you go for first?

Sop Buntut Golden Tulip BaliA filling meal of Oxtail and Noodle Soup

Each dish is priced at only Rp. 88,000 nett, so that anyone with a love for oxtail can dig into this one-of-a-kind menu. Dhyana Restaurant, which focuses on Indonesian cuisine, is open from 6.30am to 3am in the morning, ideal for those after a special Indonesian lunch or even a midnight snack.

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